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FS: AKG-Q701+Woo Audio WA7+ North Star DAC192 MKi

Discussion in 'Headphones for Sale / Trade' started by ganda, May 16, 2013.
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  1. Ganda
    For Sale
    I am selling these items because I want to upgrade to W5000+HA5000 . Everything come with the original box. I only accept Paypal or Paypal gift, or pay cash in Vancouver, and all the prices are NOT including shipping fees and Paypal fees, but I can provide free shipping inside Canada.
    Here is the list for items:
    1.AKG-Q701 : $200
    Condition:9.5/10,I am the first owner, and I have used it for half year, and I would say it is in perfect condition. This headphone comes with original box and original cables.
    2. Moer upgraded headphone cable(6N silver plated OFC for Q701 and K702 65th):$80
    The headphone have run with the Moer headphone cable for more than 500 hours, which runs perfectly.
    3.Woo Audio WA7 with lectro Harmonix 6C45 Gold Plated Pins matched pair upgrade tubes: $750   SOLD
    Condition:9.5/10, I am the first owner, and this amp have been used a few month.Perfect condition. No scratch. No damaged. Everything perfect. This amp/dac comes with original box and all the accessories from Woo Audio. 
    4. lectro Harmonix 6C45 Gold Plated Pins matched pair upgrade tubes(Best match with WA7):$80 SOLD
    5.North Star DAC192 MKi: $700
    Condition:9/10, I purchased it for a few days and found that it is not comfortable with my system(I am using Weiss DAC2), so I decide to sell this DAC. Everything is perfect, the only notification is that this DAC does not come with original power cord, so there is just the DAC itself in box.
    PM me for further info, I can give lower price anyone wants a combo.
  2. almass08
    Are you willing to sell the Woo Audio WA7 by itself?
    If so are you willing to ship internationally?
  3. Ganda
    I can ship internationally. But I'll tell you the total price which includs shipping fee and Paypal fee. Tell me your zip code so that I can estimate the shipping fee

  4. jdavies
    Just sent you a PM...   I'm also interested in the amp if things don't work out with the other buyer. 
  5. tiabyuzhou88
    Is the North Star still available
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