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Fs akg k702

  1. hockeyb213 Contributor
    I have a mint condition pair of akg k702's with light use and are in flawless physical condition that are a couple months old. I am selling them only to give me some capital to fund my lcd-2 purchase. I can take pictures if requested and I will accept payment from paypal.
    Please send me offers via pm and I will be glad to work with you.
  2. sone
    $175 shipped?  Will you accept MO?
  3. sone
    YGPM also, sorry, I didn't mean to send that to the public forum
  4. cgpeanut
  5. hockeyb213 Contributor
    I have answered all relevant pm's. To clarify as of right now I am not accepting trades and would like to keep the buyer within north america. I am also only taking payments via paypal.
    Thanks for all the pm's
  6. sone
    I didn't get a PM From you?  Is this because I am a new member? Hm, I am not sure what the issue is, but I also sent my offer via PM.  Please let me know, thanks.
  7. muddyglass
  8. jyc327
    sold to me...hmmm if only i know when i will get it. must test with little dot
  9. jyc327
    $ sent  on the 7th, hockeyb213 confirm receipt of funds. was told will be sent the picture of the USPS receipt once sent.
    3 PMs later, no replies, no picture of USPS receipt. not a single response. and no I dont have the  item either.
    i will wait til the 14th calendar day to arise before i pursue further actions.
  10. matthewh133
    Hmm 11 days and no response? Sounds a bit odd.. [​IMG]
  11. windowphone7
    I know this is not a discussion thread but i got the same situation as jyc327
    i have just bought the 

    Sonicweld Diverter 

    from Hockey213 and pay on Sep 4th. He said he shipped it on Sep 8 and would give me the tracking number when he got home. However, i didn't receive any tracking number.
    Until now, i still haven't received my package. Sent a few emails to him to ask for the tracking number (not sure if i missed delivery or not) but got no reply.
    I will wait one more week
    if i still don't receive the package or his reply, then i will file a dispute 
  12. jyc327
    still nothing. going to wait til weds night to posting as possible scammer and contacting paypal/visa company.
    looks more like it as there seem to be not a care from the seller at this point. its too bad the forum doesn't show when last activity/login fr users are.
  13. Fred_fred2004 Contributor
    Just click on the user's name and you'll see the recent posts
  14. jyc327
    Thanks Fred,
    but unfortunately that only shows the latest post he makes. not when and if he's login since.
  15. Uncle Erik Contributor
    jyc327, I'm having trouble sending PMs from my iPhone, so please PM me if I don't send you one soon.

    The Head-Fi team is aware of this transaction and we are trying to contact HockeyB213.

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