FS - AKG K701 Reference Studio Headphones + Balanced Headroom Cardas Cable
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Nov 10, 2004
FS - AKG K701 Reference Studio Headphones + Balanced Headroom Cardas Cable
AKG K701 headphones. Purchased from HeadRoom. Includes 
their black "Fat Pipe" Cardas cable that is hard-wired in balanced configuration, and is terminated by two Neutrik XLR type plugs.
The Fat Pipe cables are a double shielded, four conductor design, configured in the Golden Ratio, with Constant Q, and Crossfield; and they use Pure Copper Litz wires. The headphones are in very good condition and work perfectly. The pads show wear but are acceptable. New pads, if desired, can be purchased from HeadRoom.
Retailed for around $750. Sell for $350 $315. CONUS Only. Payment is by Paypal. Not interested in trades.
Some copy from HeadRoom on the AKG K701:

European leaders in professional audio deliver the AKG K701, a top-of-the-line full-size headphone with astonishing clarity, 'up-front' detail resolution and true competence across the musical spectrum. The K 701 are nowhere near their acoustic potential out of the box; patience and a long burn-in period gets rewarded with pristine accuracy and an expansive, spacious soundstage image that directly competes with $1,000 cans. Highly recommended world-class audiophile sound at a WAY lower price than many headphones of this caliber.

Product Features:

    1. Astonishing musical detail and resolution from close-tolerance aluminum voice coil design
    2. Lightweight and comfortable fit, durably well-built construction
    3. Replaceable earpads for extended product life
    4. Painstakingly engineered by excellent headphone fabricator
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