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  1. Mazuki
    I have a K340 in great condition for sale. Just about everything is in original condition. I have the original box as well.

    Modifications include recable with Canare mini-Star Quad and a Neutrik jack. I'll be including the original cable too. The elastics have also been replaced so it will fit snugly on your head.

    I would like to get SOLD shipped (Paypal, CONUS) for these.



  2. IceClass
    Are these the so called "bass light" or bass heavy" version?
  3. Mazuki
    This is the only one I have, so I couldn't compare for you.
  4. Mazuki

    I can reconnect the original cable if you so choose.
  5. Lazarus Short
    I'm very interested, but what is the plug size? The headphones themselves do not give me the proper sense of scale.

  6. malldian
    Looks like quarter inch to me.
  7. Zorander Contributor
    Definitely a 1/4" plug.
  8. Mazuki
    It's a Neutrik NP3C plug, 1/4 inch
  9. Mazuki
  10. fhuang
    hey, pm me if you're willing to ship to Hong Kong. thanks
  11. Mazuki
    Still available

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