FS: AKG 501 and/or Pioneer Elite VSX 36TX
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Jul 5, 2002
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Jul 5, 2002
I'm selling an almost brand new pair of AKG 501 (everything original) for $90 + shipping. I bought them about a year ago but they are almost never used because of my Grados.

Also, I am selling my receiver. I don't know how much they go for nowadays, so make me a deal.
If you know a good place to try to sell it, as this isn't exactly the apropriate place, I would be very thankful for the information.

I need to sell my Pioneer VSX 36 TX Elite Receiver because I am moving and it is overkill for me but it just might be the right one for you.
I am nopt sure what the current price is for one of these so if I am way off, just make me a deal, I'll probably go for it.
I have had this unit for almost 2 years now and I have been very satisfied with it. It put out enough power to easily drive my B&W DM603 speakers. I used for about one year straight every other night to watch a movie but it has been in its box for the last 6 months at least. I don't need it anymore because I am moving and I watch movies on my PC. Overall it is overkill for me. It is in really good condition, almost as if taken out of a new box. Now dents, bents or broken parts. It comes in the original box with the manual and excellent remote control.
This receiver puts out 100W @ 5 channels. It also features THX Ultra, DTS ES 6.1 and many more.
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