FS: Acoustic Research Classic 18s ($480)
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Mar 6, 2006
Hi all.

I think I'm going to be returning to the headphone fold after some absence, and I need to sell my floorstanders to help finance the transition. :)

I'm not sure what the interest will be on a headphone forum for these, but I've found them to be extremely capable speakers over the years. I bought them new in 1994 and am the original owner. For someone who wants a secondary, traditional full-range floor system to complement their headphones, these speakers might fit the bill at $390 [price drop].

Specs: 8" woofer, (2)5.25" midranges, 1" tweeter. Their new list price in 1993 was $1600. I am conservatively rating their Audiogon condition at 7/10; however, they might be higher as there are no major scratches on the finish, and the only signs of wear are in the cloth covering the grill covers (specifically, it's pulling away at the top of one). Usage has been for classical and folk music only; they have not been driven hard by rock or pop music. Buyer pays shipping.

I will send detailed photos to interested buyers.

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