FS: A&K PRICE DROP!!!SP 1000 Stainless Steel

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  1. doc0075579
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    For sale: A&K SP 1000 stainless steel. I purchased brand new from Moon Audio in June 2017. I am selling because I just don't use it enough and I still have an AK240.

    Price: 2000 shipped to US

    Condition: used. Has a scratch on the back.
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  2. doc0075579
  3. doc0075579
    7EDBF303-8AFA-4691-AA34-1FE7E7ADCED6.jpeg 5466FE8B-6F35-42F4-AF2B-C4C7EADA91CA.jpeg
  4. doc0075579
  5. doc0075579
  6. doc0075579
    Bump: price change to 2100.
  7. blackwolf1006
    did you put a screen protector on the back and the frount?
  8. blackwolf1006
    does it come with the box and original documents
  9. doc0075579
    It does.
  10. warrior1975
    Tempting... Last thing I need is another dap, but I sure would like one. Lol
  11. doc0075579
    You totally need this one, haha.
    warrior1975 likes this.
  12. doc0075579
    FINAL BUMP BEFORE I PULL THIS DOWN. Buy it now at 2K plus shipping .

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