FS:6p13p 6N8P Headphone Amp/Tube Amp
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Headphoneus Supremus
Jul 9, 2007
London England
I have a 6p13p 6N8P Stereo Headphone Amp + Tube Amplifier up for grabs.

This is less than a month old in mint condition.

I have replaced the stock Chinese 6P13P tubes with the Russian 6P13S and it sounds so much sweeter.

This amp has a big amount of drive and can easily handle headphones of 600ohm.

It can also drive a pair of home speakers to high volume levels.

I would like to keep this sale to the UK as this amp weighs a ton and shipping even to the EU will be around 50GBP.

If your willing to pay the shipping to your destination then let me know.

130GBP which includes shipping to the UK and paypal fees.

110GBP if the buyer collects in person and pays in cash.

This amp cost me at least double that, what with customs and VAT charges and the extra tubes I purchased.

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