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FS: 6922 Holy Grail Tubes

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  1. Phantaminum
    For Sale
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    •   United States
    Best offer:
    Up for sale is a single Siemens CCa Holy Grail tube. The tube has been run for less that 50 hours. They are early 60’s and have the date code acid etched on it. Powerful sounding tube, great dynamics, and solid state speed.

    Date Code: A0 1= 3D

    Looking for $145 not including Paypal fee but includes shipping.

    Pair of Telefunken E188CC: One is a full Telefunken labeled tube and one is a relabeled RCA tube. both are above 10,000 in tests and have been ran around 75 hours. Picture of the RCA with diamond bottom included. These are legit and not acid etched diamonds. The diamond outline is raised. Beautiful sounding tube. Detailed, wide sound stage, great low end.

    Looking for $250 not including Paypal fee but will include shipping.

    All three $375 not including Paypal fee but will include shipping.

    148906D3-7604-497B-AD8B-1C59286E0DF0.jpeg 9C3DF051-69F2-43F8-9309-74AA11EEB2C8.jpeg 994C6CFA-1D07-4204-A223-D5BFEAA04653.jpeg 9524C145-55D5-407B-9E15-3888E9F330F4.jpeg C71D3437-F788-4C7F-88AD-0FD41BFA5B5E.jpeg 174A050C-0CC8-4A6E-BC64-83307AAE098F.jpeg 4C3E8471-449E-4654-A645-A08EFFB9DB03.jpeg 0E500C88-A07C-4D17-B359-7BD986235A4A.jpeg 3A53C059-60DC-46E1-A415-EE054C57E610.jpeg 0410BADA-5556-497F-8B77-B132F5350961.jpeg FB3B7E93-8337-44B3-86E5-9D182897BC7F.jpeg
    Last edited: May 29, 2019

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