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FS: 64 Audio A6t w/ M15 + M20 apex modules

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  1. theiratepirate
    For Sale
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    I'm looking to sell my pair of 64 Audio A6t CIEMs.

    I've only had these for a little more than 4 months, but unfortunately need to sell to help fund car repairs.
    As these are customs, you will need to have them reshelled by 64 Audio ($399).

    Included are:
    m15 apex module (purchased separately, included in this sale)
    m20 apex module
    Protective case w/ cleaning tool and shirt clip
    48" pearl white cable
    Original box/packaging

    I'm asking for $600 shipped.

    Though I don't have any sales on here, I do on reddit (/u/the_irate_pirate) and on Amazon (PM me for my seller profile).
    Last edited: Nov 22, 2018
  2. Jstn01
    Hi mate these are $1299 normal price however they are on sale with 15% off to $1104 for black friday it means you are asking people to pay more for second hand item when reshelling is completed...
  3. theiratepirate
    Didn't even realize they had that promotion going on. Price has now been adjusted.
  4. Jstn01
    No worries mate
  5. toaster22
    Did you ever sell these?

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