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FS: 47 Labs OTA cable lengths

  1. bln
    I'm selling two lengths of the famous OTA interconnect/speaker cable from 47 Labs. For information about the cable, see sakurasystems.com or read various threads here, at Audiogon or Audioasylum. In short, this is an ultra-thin, minimalist cable reported to sound superior to much more complex designs.

    My two lengths are 53" and 58" long, respectively. No RCA connectors are included. OTA cable is only sold by 47 Labs in "kits" costing $600 each, so if you're needing some extra or just want to experiment with an interesting design, this is a cheap way to go about it. I'm asking $25, shipping included (to the US). I paid $50. Paypal preferred, no fees. Pictures to come in this thread. PM or email me.
  2. bln

  3. bln
  4. bln
  5. bln
    $25 shipped.
  6. bln
    People rave about its sonic properties, as skimpy as it looks. Might make for an interesting DIY project if you're the cable-building type.
  7. bln
    Heh, interesting trades accepted? Seriously, I'm desperate. If you offer me a decent CD or LP, I'll bite. Doesn't someone have use for crazy-minimalist-Japanese-audiophile-wire?
  8. Jon L
  9. Robbie64
    Amazing cables, sounds better in my set than the Magnan signature speaker cable for a fraction of the cost.
    Interlinks are also amazing(using it with the 47 labs rca connector), very organic and clean sounding.

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