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FS: 4 Logitech Z560 satellites + control center

  1. crappyjones123
    wanted to see if anyone would be interested in grabbing these. selling 4 of the satellites and the volume control module. one of the satellites has the diaphragm in the front around the horn torn but it does work...how well i dont know since i dont have a receiver. the other 3 work just fine. same with the volume control.

    i can take pictures if needed. this is just a feeler post though to see if anyone is even interested.

    the satellites are 53 watts each. the sub was damaged during transit from college to home.
  2. Rikk24
    hey jones how r u?
    i have the z560 system but my control center died :S  do u still have it ? and how much for it ?
    Thanks in advanced
  3. Rikk24
    just realized its been like 3 years since u posted this, hope u still have it,   ill be waiting for ur answer .
    tnx :)

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