FS: 2x Hand-Made iPod Line out Cables-1 silver, 1 SPC
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Jan 16, 2006
I made a couple iPod line out cables so that i could decide which was worth keeping.

The first one is made from 3 braided 26ga conductors of 99.99% pure silver wire covered in cleat heatshrink, and terminated with a gold plated neutrik 3.5mm plug. The iPod connector is the slim black version. This is exceedingly flexible, and can be bent flat, with no problems. It seems very sturdy, and i have had no problems throwing it in my pocket. I would like $40 shipped OBO to the US for this one. Picture:

(in quotes to represent no longer for sale)
The second one is made from 3 conductors of 26ga silver plated copper wire with teflon insulation, surrounded with clear heatshrink. It is terminated with the same 3.5mm gold plated neutrik plug. The ipod connector is the larger, white version. I would like $25 shipped OBO for this one. Picture:

Feedback is in my signature, paypal is the preferred method of payment, i will cover the fees. I will ship these out via first class mail in a padded envelope, covered in bubble wrap. If you are international, send me a PM, and we can talk shipping costs. No warranty is express or implied on these, by the way. Of course, they work perfectly as the are now, and are sturdily built.
EDIT: Silver dock Line Out is no longer for sale. PM me if you are interested in the other one.

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