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[FS][26.09 drop] Masskoko 404 portable full-balance headphone amplifier

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  1. chaojiliqilin
    For Sale
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    •   United States
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    This is Masskoko 404 portable full-balance headphone amplifier that was bought Jan/2016. This is the ak balance connector model.

    It is in excellent condition with no major wear/tear/nicks on it. It has been used for about 300 hours. Please check the photos for details. I am the first-hand owner and this amp has been on my desktop since I purchased it. I seldom use it after I purchased a desktop amp in Feb/2017 so that is the reason it has low hours.

    I do not have the original box. The original box is just a small brown paper one with no accessory. So I did not keep it. All to sell is the bare machine.

    It is regarded as the best solid-state portable amp. (Probably the best tube portable amp is the WA-8). It is designed in full balance mode so that it can accept AK 2.5mm balance input.

    It has great power and control on sound. It drives my abyss 1266 and lcd-3 well. I would recommend you to use this amp to drive headphones instead of earphones since it is overpowered for iems.

    At low volume, you can feel that left and right channels do not have the same level of sound. This is not malfunction because the machine does not enter working region at very low volume.

    You can find more info and reviews through the following links.

    I sell this amp because I would like to save money for a better desktop amp.

    It is very difficult to order this machine because it is handcrafted one by one. The usual waiting time is 1-2 months. For new gear, you have to pay 1800 + international shipping fee from Japan. I would like to sell it for 1100(price dropped on 26.09.2018) +3%PayPal fee + the actual FedEx shipping fee. You can also offer me your price.

    Due to the high value of the product, I will only use Fedex to ship this amp. I ship within 24 hours of cleared payment using FedEx Home Delivery (3-4 business days) with adult signature required and tracking. ONLY SEND TO THE ADDRESS ON THE PAYPAL ACCOUNT. I ship only to lower 48 states of US. If you would like to receive this faster, you can pay the price difference so that I will ship using FedEx with a faster choice.

    No return will be accepted except it arrives with malfunction.Please double check the photos for outer appearance, the appearance issue will not be accepted.

    If you have any questions please let me know and I am willing to help.

    Best regards and thanks for your kind attention!

    I also have the audeze lcd-3 for sale, which is a perfect match with Masskobo 404. You can check it here:

    Note: no battery is included due to the shipping policy.
    Last edited: Sep 26, 2018
  2. fscerbo
    Open to overseas shipping?
  3. chaojiliqilin
    Hi Francesco,

    Thank you for your interest. Personally, I think overseas shipping will be very expensive if the item is sent through Fedex (more than 100 dollars). And it is very difficult for you to return. Besides, the paypal transaction fee is higher.

    That is why I do not recommend overseas shipping.

  4. chaojiliqilin
    price dropped. bump!
  5. chaojiliqilin
    price dropped 2nd. bump!
    Last edited: Nov 17, 2017
  6. chaojiliqilin
    Thanksgiving bump!
  7. chaojiliqilin
  8. chaojiliqilin
    price drop and update bump!
  9. chaojiliqilin
    price dropped bump~

    I will sell my black hugo 2 soon. Mint condition and good price.

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