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FS: 2 amps

  1. mortonjl
    For Sale:
    1. iQube V2  maybe 20 hours on this, original boxes/everything  $500.00
    Both items are paypalled and shipped priority, PM with questions.  Pics available on request.
  2. mortonjl
    Bump, taking offers
  3. mortonjl
  4. nickbentley
    I don't want to be rude... I'm new around here
    But isn't the Minibox E+ less than that brand new from the manufacturer?
  5. mortonjl
    Thanks, my bad...fat fingers.  Adjusted in original post.
  6. nickbentley
    PM SENT :)
  7. Xan7hos
    can you PM me pics of the Minibox E+
  8. mortonjl
    iQube still available, basically brand new, all boxes etc.  Make an offer, this beauty is just sitting here, someone can put this to good use. Pics available.

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