FS/2 Amps: Grado and Hornet
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Oct 19, 2003
I have two awesome amps for sale!

GRADO IS SOLD............One is a grado...it's the standard gain battery operated unit. I'm the second owner. It works and sounds great but isn't cosmetically perfect. The front has a small indentation near the power light. The hole for the light isn't perfectly round either...but that seems common for these units...they are wood after all. There are also a few small, super light marks around the headphone plug...but really not noticable. All the marks on the front are really not noticible unless viewed at the right angle...I'm uptight about the condition of my toys so I mention it. Also, One of the battery plugs broke free at some point and I resoldered it with silver solder and covered it with electrical tape. None of the issues impede the units sound and longevity but want to mention everything...full disclosure...so there are no surprises. I'll be glad to take pictures and email to you...please don't ask if you're not interested...I'm asking $175 and $10 to ship...That's firm and fair...I also have the original box and packing.

HORNET IS SOLD.............The second amp is a Hornet. I'm the second owner and this unit is a M series and is in great shape. I have the blue case for it and two rechargeable batteries, AC wart and the original box...$225 and $10 to ship...firm and fair. I also have pics of this unit...again please only ask if you're serious.

Thanks for looking

I accept checks and paypal...checks must clear prior to shipping.

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