FS: 16-chip DDDAC with passive headphone out
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Jul 13, 2004
Sale pending. Have two interested parties already.

Selling my recent build of a 16 chip DDDAC with passive attenuator (12 step - 24 step possible). Can be used with line out, as well as efficient headphones. I set up this unit for Sennheiser HD650s and it was quite loud, although if you are a metalhead, this won't cut it for you. There are 3 more of those in circulation, if you want some input from others who own this DAC.


No tubes, no opamps, battery powered, reclocked NOS, 16-way parallel DAC. Dedicated fan power supply for those hot days when the chassis cooling lone won't cut it, plus a fast 3amp autocharger and a big 18ah battery.

For more info see my web page for this DAC. The battery case is not included, as I would like to keep it for my new USB DAC.


The only thing different from those pix is that there's now a black Neutrik jack on the face plate (non-locking), and that all the PCBs inside except for the battery PSU daughter card are bolted to the base plate. I also added a fuse between battery and DAC. The thing now sits on a set of Norsorex half-sphere footers.

Price negotiable, but I am aiming at covering the cost of the parts, which puts this baby at about $580 not including the battery box.

Interested? PM me or find me email over on the web site above. Mods are possible if they are not too involved (e.g. replace BNC with RCA input and other silly things you should not do, USB conversion is really not feasible in this small box without major redesign).


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