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FS: 100 Song Downloads

  1. omedon
    100 Song Downloads from chooseyourmusic.com
    Asking $10 paid through paypal.

    The music is RIAA approved 192kbps DRM MP3. Normally the songs cost anywhere from $1 to $5 each (for the longer ones). So this is a $100+ Value for $10.
    I got these through a promotion through ebgames. I will send via personal message 10 codes that can be used at the checkout to pay for 10 songs each. So no shipping is necessary.

    My feedback is in my sig
  2. omedon
    Price Drop.

    $10 works out to 10 cents a song or less.
  3. omedon
    $Price Drop


    These make great electronic stocking stuffers. Get 10 casual gifts out of the way for only $7

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