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FS: 1 Siemens CCa / 1 Telefunken E88CC (single tube each)

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  1. songmic
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    The tubes I'm selling are Siemens CCa and Telefunken E88CC, both of which are made in Germany and widely considered one of if not the best in the 6DJ8/6922/7308 family of tubes. However, they are not new but used, and I have no idea exactly how long they have been used. As such, I cannot claim that they have over 10,000+ hours of life like many tube vendors on eBay do. While I guarantee these are genuine said tubes and sound superb as they should, I'm selling them at a significantly lower price than the usual market price for these tubes since they are used.

    For the record, gears that use a single 6922 tube include (but not limited to): Aune T1, Schiit Vali 2, Cavalli Liquid Crimson, etc.

    I'm selling the Siemens CCa for $120, and Telefunken E88CC for $80.

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