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FS 1 BG NEO3 PDR planar tweeter

  1. Vaughn
    Hey fellow orthodynamic zealots! I have a Neo3 pdr tweet here if you want
    to do some experimenting for headphone applications. I only have one, but at least you will save money on your left ear(or right[​IMG]).
    I'll sell for $18 shipped in the Conus.
  2. snow_hazard
    Hello Vaughn !
    I'm very interested in your neo3 pdr tweetr , cause
    last year i blew one Up putting it on the bass connection by accident !

    Can you tell me if your offer still is up date & if so, HOW to organize
    a concrete transaction !?

    my Email is any_mali@mail.com
    and log-in name : snow_hazard
    ( b.t.w. i live in Holland . )
    Thnx in advance.

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