From Zero To Zero
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Jan 28, 2002
You start off your audio journey with Zero and acquire items along the way. In the past 40 years, I've had my share. Now I'm back to Zero with just iTunes and my music coming out of netbook speakers. No CD's. The music plays at low volume and low fidelity. Maybe as you age, your priorities change. I'm not sure but I do not feel their is a void in my life because I'm back at Zero.

On a related note: I took a small financial hit as I sold my items. Nothing to lose sleep over. I regularly visit the Home Audio section at eBay. I always sort the items so that the expensive stuff is shown first. These sellers will lose more in one sale than I have lost in 40 years of being in this hobby.

Anyone care to chime in?
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May 24, 2006
The most important thing is the spirit of music that you have and that your ears are still the same in good working order. With all the top shelf high end gear out there, your ear is the most important and the fundimental. You still have your ears right? You are blessed.
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Uncle Erik

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Mar 18, 2006
I haven't liquidated audio stuff yet, but have gotten out of or greatly reduced gear from other hobbies/collections. I'm actually in the process of selling off quite a bit of stuff I don't need. The job is secure and I have savings, but it's stuff I don't use and don't need. Hopefully, someone else can use it. And I've stopped buying more gear. I'll build a couple more amps, but I think that's about it.

As for buying and selling, I always try to buy used. Everything I've ever bought and sold used has either had a small profit or a small loss. I've probably broken even over the years, though I have a few things that have appreciated.

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