From Vibe to 2: Initial Impressions
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Feb 8, 2008
Use: The gym (weightlifting only)

Source: iPod Nano

Music: Rock, hip-hop, house, acoustic

Background: Used the Vibes for a year (gunmetal black) until the left ear shorted out. I attributed this to the stupid chrome plug, causing me to constantly tug on the wire to pull it out of the iPod. Returned to this site, narrowed down to the 2 and the Audio Technica ATH-CK7. Decided on the 2.

Thoughts: This is a great, great choice for my situation. I'm not sure if any burn-in improves play, the bass is very present immediately on the the first listen. Good bass too, not muddy and overwhelming like the V-Moda Bass Freq (which I tried for about 4 days).

I like the thicker cable than the Vibe, but not sure how it'd be in outdoor cold weather use.

The sound is warm and enjoyable. It's a great multi-music-genre performer.

It offers more isolation than my Vibe did, which is important at 24-Hour Fitness where they absolutely blare the overhead speakers. My iPod volume was constantly hovering at about 1/3 level, maybe a hair more.

My only quasi-fault is the tips just aren't as comfortable as on the Vibes. Definitely harder, and I noticed them getting slightly fatiguing towards the end of the workout (in my ears for about 45 minutes). I may see if the Vibe tips fit on these. Otherwise I'll just get used to them - definitely not a deal breaker.

Definitely worth the price for $60, and again, a great choice for gym/casual use.
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if you still have your vibes, use the tips from those, as I'm sure the nozzle sizes are very similar.

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