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From HE400 to which Grado?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by dudeguy, Feb 25, 2013.
  1. dudeguy
    I'm in love with my HE 400s (and also with my M50s, but as we say, it's a "different kind of love").

    I'm curious, however, about Grados. I don't want to spend on something that doesn't really represent a level of quality in the Grado line comparable with my 400s, though.

    Gurus, what would be the most comparable Grado phone to the HE400 purely in terms of overall sound quality (esp. speed vis a vis instrument separation and dynamics)?

    Edit: changed double negative
  2. bbophead
  3. Bee inthe Attic
    Grado PS-500. It has very good detail, dynamics and bass.
    I prefer the signature of the RS1, but the bass impact on the PS-500 is closer to the HE-400.
    While I like the SR225/325, their clarity is significantly less than the HE-400's, and lack the bass that you are used to.
    Best thing to do is audition them all and see what you prefer.
  4. dudeguy
    Sweet, thanks!
  5. stacker45
    What's your budget?
  6. bbophead
    It was my experience that the PS500 had more mid-bass than the 325i.  That's why I sold them after ten months.
  7. dudeguy

    At this point I'm just speculating about a future purchase. I probably wouldn't spend more than $600, though; at least, not for the foreseeable future. If I land a good job after grad school I might start really getting into the A-class gear but for now $600 is really a hefty expense for a set of headphones for me.
  8. stacker45
    In my opinion, $600 represents the sweet spot, just before the point where diminishing returns start to really take effect.
    That being said, if you want something similar, but still a different, i'd suggest the PS500, and if you want something really different i'd go with some used RS1s.
  9. dudeguy

    How would you describe the difference, and does it make for better listening for certain types of music rather than others?

    Also, what about the rs2i?
  10. stacker45
    The PS500 have good bass extension, mids are lush and smooth, and the treble, is a bit rolled off, they have a ''tubelike'' sound and will be more forgiving of lesser quality recordings, than either the RS1 or RS2s.
    The RS1, doesn't reach a low as the PS500, but the bass is very well defined, the mids are, i believe, they're strong point, voices sound very natural, and they have a detailed treble, with good extension, in my opinion, they have a ''matter of fact'' sound signature ,while the PS500 gives a more relaxed presentation.
    As far as the RS2 goes, i would say the they have a bit less bass and treble extension than the RS1, and they also have a narrower soundstage.
    Hope this helps.

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