From 2 channel to 5.1 on a pc source- Bunch of questions
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Jul 17, 2006
So I currently have a very decent 2 channel setup based on a Marantz reference grade Stereo Integrated amplifier (Marantz PM - 17) and a pair of phase tech floorstanders

Since of late, my movie needs have increased from less than 10% to over 50% now, I am planning to build a 5.1 around the existing setup which also allows me to switch back to the existing 2 channel setup while playing music

I have decided to adopt a piecemeal approach and am going to add a powered sub and center

The sats are not very important in the large scheme of things though the centers are very important (i'll perhaps pick a wharfedale diamond 8, or a Polk Csi)

Which brings us to the primary reason behind the thread...

I need a decent device to handle the audio decoding (for movies) but getting an expensive AV receiver to drive only the center channel feels a little weird to me

Since the audio source is going to the PC all through, Is there any good audio card that can handle audio decoding as well as a decent AV receiver?

The fronts are going to be driven by my stereo integrated amp while the sub will be a powered one

I can drive the center off a a spare mid-fi amp...

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also, if I take the optical/spdif out of my existing USB sound card and feed that to a decent AV receiver


I get a Auzentech or similar 5.1 card

Would there be any difference in the SQ ceteris paribus...

I'd rather save up money on the AV receiver and get a better center speaker and Sub assuming I can get a sound card that can handle audio decoding as good as a mid-range av receiver...

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