Frequency response graph request for Grado RS1i?
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Headphoneus Supremus
Oct 8, 2006
I have the Grado SR125 FR graph from your site as well as the new SR125i FR graph that has been recently put up , undoubtedly shows some change in the sound signature. The SR125i as far as I know, is the only new FR graph while all the other models such as the SR60i,SR225i,SR325i etc still use the same FR graphs as their original non i models. I was wondering if HeadRoom can make a FR graph of the new RS1i. The RS1i sound is quite drastic from the RS1 from my experience so it would be quite interesting to see a FR graph of the RS1i. Any consideration is greatly appreciated.


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The headroom build a graph is still on the main page, but the tool has never left "undergoing maintenance"..
Maybe they didn't see any profit in this?

I so wanted to compare measurements for my headphones, but I'm afraid there will never again be a tool to do that properly.. :frowning2:

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