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Jan 26, 2008
Umm, I am having a lot of difficulty finding the FreQ Shows website.
Is it still around? Been saving up a little money for them and now I can't find them at all.

Please help!

No idea why the forums spawned a new forum....only tried to change the title :S
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sorry to say they're not taking up new orders at the moment and they've closed till at least the new year.

Check out, similar prices, great colours. And so far, great reviews on them.
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The website is still there but with same old "don't call us We'll call you" look.

Custom Fit Earbuds - In Ear Monitors - Custom Fit Headphones - Running Headphones - The FreQ

opinions are about 50/50 whether they'll even come back at all. Freq's, Lvewires, and were the only Customs in that price range So if Freq's does come back I would expect a large price increase. After all, they've been making no money for the past couple of months. and two more months to come.

My best advice is get

Prices are going up on them as well but only a little and they still offer the best choises
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why do you have a double thread?

I stated that in my original post...I have no idea why it did that :S I tried to change the title to make it more relevant -.-

Hmm, I shall have to check out
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How do you pronounce "FreQ" -- is it 'freak'?


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