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FREE PARTY IN NYC for V-MODA "Live in XS" display Made in Italy @ AC Gears. 7pm this Saturday!

  1. valkolton Contributor
    If you are in NYC (or need an excuse to go):
    AC Gear is throwing a V-MODA's "LIVE IN XS" Creative Visual Concept - Made in Milano Event
    Free Champagne (DOM P if you come on time) & Win one of 4 XS' & 1 M-100

    AC Gears - 69 E 8th St, New York, NY 10003, United States view location in Google
    Saturday May 31, 7pm-the last drop..
    More pics of the installation on the way!
  2. 65535
    Another awesome V-Moda party with a great host. Hope it's fun Val, I'll have to toast you from across the country from T.H.E. Show in Orange County.
  3. syNRG
    Wish Sydney would have somethign like this :/
  4. Wyd4
    I wish AUSTRALIA period would have something like this lol
  5. Alex--o

    I know right
  6. valkolton Contributor
    What city, perhaps we do something in the future.  

  7. SkyBleu
    I'll throw down a vote for Melbourne! 
  8. SpiderNhan
    The party last night was awesome. Val wasn't there, but Toby Anderson, V-MODA's VP, was an excellent host and just an overall really cool guy to talk to. He handed me a sweet V-MODA business card and showed me his White Galaxy S3 with an orange Metallo case. Now I want to steal my cousin's S3 just to wrap it up in that amazing case. We had libations, 4 XS's on display along with an LP2 and an M-100, and my girlfriend and I ended up winning an XS AND an M-100 in the raffle. Kudos to V-MODA and AC Gears for putting such a cool event. I managed to snap a few pictures.
  9. Wyd4

    Melbourne :)
  10. Alex--o

    Australia's biggest cities are Melbourne and Sydney. I myself live in Melbourne.
  11. Alex--o

    Looks like Melbourne might just have it in the bag!:)
    SkyBleu likes this.
  12. Colgin
    Stopped by with my wife and kid. Fun time. Thanks to Val and AC Gears for a fun event. My wife loved the XS in white BTW.
  13. ccluk

    I know v-moda's representative is located in Melbourne, they did nothing for the brand??!!  Have you heard anything from them?

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