Free OEM 600X (same as NE-600X, Wired Best Earphones under $50 award) for every Encore RockMaster OE or IE headphones (Indiegogo price starts at $30)
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Nov 21, 2008
We have obtained a large surplus of the OEM version of NE-600X earphones and we want to give all buyers of the ENCORE RockMaster OE or IE headphones an amazing deal. Every buyer of the ENCORE RockMaster IE or OE headphone will receive a free OEM 600X and be eligible to purchase as many additional OEM 600X headphones as you wish for only $4. The NE-600X was awarded Wired magazines top-3 (best earphone under $50) in 2012. See:   

We assure you that the RockMaster IE headphone is superior to the award winning OEM 600X in sound quality. For more information please visit

This is an incredible deal that will likely never be repeated since we are simply aiming for break even (after all cost is counted) and might even take a loss. Our Indiegogo project not only offers great products at an amazing price but it's a marketing campaign for Sonic Unity too. We want to offer you such an amazing deal on audiophile products that you will help to spread the word about our new business model. 

The crowdfunding project is a partnership between Sonic Unity and Heap Venture using a new business model (please refer to our explanation in the project) to consistently bring products that perform well above their price point to consumers.

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Heap Venture CEO Jason Lim

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Cool. I just contributed to a RockMaster IE.

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