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**FREE** : Fiio E5 - will chose a random recipient on 09.20.10 - Simply post to this thread.

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  1. mralexosborn
    Just go ahead and pick me since I need the Fiio, kthnxbai. 
  2. Kuze
    Try my luck.
  3. s1rrah
    Wow. Still up in the air .. K-Money wins (banned and all) ... but if I don't hear from him in the next day or so?  I'll just have to re draw. 
  4. mralexosborn


    Giving a prize to a banned member? BURN HIM!
  5. Gatepc
    Hay I guess that means I still have a chance! lol Well actually this would be me first amp and they would be driving akg 702's. Not that, that is important. If you pick me I promise to give it to someone just like you did after I am done with it. Also thank you for offering this for free!
  6. Senorbobo
    Might as well join the party if there is still a chance.
  7. Inks
    yeah...same here. Hope i'm not too late
  8. s1rrah
    New WINNER: 
    ... PM me some mailing info, dude.
  9. SevenFive
    I PM you my info.
    Alright I can't wait for my 1st amp.
  10. mralexosborn

    A guy who's only post on here was the submission for this contest. Frusterated? Yes. But no hard feelings. XD
  11. s1rrah


    Congrats, ...
    And hey, we all gotta start somewhere, eh? :wink: (that goes for amps as much as it does forums) ... 
    Enjoy the amp, Dude~
  12. SevenFive
    Yeah I know I only have only one post, but I'm new to this life style, and I have been reading a lot of the topics mainly in the portable amps and headphones forums. I don't have any experience yet so I can't give any out, but like you said we gotta start somewhere. I love my music alternative, rock, and reggae so the E5 should be a good amp to get me going.
  13. slickooz
    Have fun with your new amp! I just bought a used T3 and I love it, really makes my tf-10 shine.
  14. mralexosborn


    Hey, I needed an amp too bucko!
  15. jschristian44
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