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**FREE** : Fiio E5 - will chose a random recipient on 09.20.10 - Simply post to this thread.

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  1. noseallinit
  2. c483125117
    Thanks for doing this. Count me in!
  3. hodgjy
    I'd like to play.  Thanks.
  4. Syrn
    I can haz E5?
  5. Icy56
    I want in, thanks for doing this. I don't have an amp and this would be a nice birthday present for me
  6. swbf2cheater
    *crosses fingers
  7. Insidious Meme
    Free is good. Thanks for making it available.
  8. TobaccoRoad
    sure why not
  9. azncookiecutter
    Cool, count me in.
  10. Philimon
    If I win - Ill give away me uDac.
  11. ShinyFalcon
  12. Sopp
    I am in. [​IMG]
  13. Chaos84Camaro
    Banana time!
  14. zatara Contributor
    I'm in thanks.
  15. yearsofwisdom
    hook a brotha up. a poor brotha at that one.
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