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**FREE** : Fiio E5 - will chose a random recipient on 09.20.10 - Simply post to this thread.

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  1. s1rrah
    I've got this laying around.
    I know it's nothing great, really inexpensive, but better than making ten bucks off of it would be to simply mail it to someone who wants it.
    Here's a pic:
    ** Simply post to this thread to be included **
    (unless he's actually banned, in which case I'll pick again).
    (PM me some mailing info, dude)
  2. nyjets28
    i'd like it
  3. shiaulou
    count me in! im in conus!
    thanks for doing this, very generous!
  4. dkimxd
    free??/ count me in!
  5. tarnishedhalo
    Very nice of you. Please include me also. [​IMG]
  6. andrewmorio
    Count me in.
  7. AmbientRevolut
    Count me in too! Definetely
  8. earthpeople
    I'd like to give it a shot, compare with my E1. I would likely pass it on again as well after I use it for a while unless I absolutely love it.
  9. Double C
    I'm in!
  10. josesol07
    would be my first amp!!
  11. cgpeanut
    Me too [​IMG]
  12. mralexosborn
    Man, I need this. You should pick me. You know why? I am the future. 'Nuff said. 
  13. adktitan
    Thanks for doing this, it generous of you to give your time and effort in this. I will pledge that if I was to be the random person chosen, after my time is completed with the amp, I would pass it along in the same manner you are doing now. Maybe more posters will do this as well if they are chosen? anyway...
    Edit: earthperson and I are on the same wavelength..Didn't see his post earlier...
  14. LouLanooch
    Please add me to the raffle...thanks!
  15. TheGame21x
    Sure, I'll throw my hat into the ring.
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