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FrankenDarths 600ohm(Redwood) & AKG K701

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  1. classic_rock_69
    For Sale
    Selling all my headphone equipment, and selling for very good prices in hopes that they move quickly. Please note that the headphones are very clean and come from a smoke free, pet-free and child free environment.
    FrankenDarths: They are one of Larry's great builds, coming in a 600ohm driver, deep cup, and redwood finish. The cable is Black max and 6feet long. They are absolutely mint and sound amazing! They were previously $1150 from Larry and now I'm selling them for an all time low of $650 shipped and paypal fees included.
    AKG k701: Are in great condition and have maybe 700 hours on them. I'm the only owner and have treated them well. They don't come with the original box though, but I will pack very carefully. $180 shipped and paypal fees included.
  2. customNuts
    Which driver do the darths have? dt-150? dt-770?
    Thanks -free bump
  3. classic_rock_69


    dt770 600 ohm
    AKG SOLD!!!
  4. Benjamin6264
    PM sent.
  5. classic_rock_69
  6. classic_rock_69
  7. classic_rock_69
    BUMP, now $600
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