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Frankenbeyers deep cup 600ohm(redwood) NOW $600

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  1. classic_rock_69
    Frankenbeyers- Just got them, they are a fantastic sounding and looking phone in near mint condition. They are deep cup, 600ohm driver, and redwood(rare) edition. Just got them off Skylab recently. Looking for $800 shipped and paypal fees included.
    I have good feedback on this site and on ebay(robert5819) so buy with confidence.
  2. classic_rock_69
    The senns come with original box as well :)
  3. classic_rock_69
  4. bscott
    might want to focus the picture........  [​IMG]
    bumpity for you
  5. CoryGillmore
    Will you sell the cable alone?
  6. classic_rock_69
    ya sure, $130 shipped and paypal fees included.
  7. classic_rock_69
    make some offers
  8. classic_rock_69
    Price drop on the beyers.now $750 all included.....It's a great deal considering they went for over $1100 on headphile. Great sounding cans, the ultimate of the beyer family imo
  9. wmf
    any particular reason for selling the beyers?.
  10. classic_rock_69
    I'm selling all my headphone gear, moving in a month :frowning2:
  11. classic_rock_69
    Frankenbeyers are amazing :)
  12. classic_rock_69
    hd650 SOLD
    why haven't these beyers sold at this price?
  13. classic_rock_69
    beyers still available at a hot price from a reputed seller, send me a pm if you're interested!
  14. classic_rock_69
    Trades also would be considered, let me know what you have or want to trade!
  15. classic_rock_69
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