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Frank Ocean - Blonde is a great headphone album

Discussion in 'Music' started by nk126, Aug 24, 2016.
  1. nk126
    If anything in the R&B / Modern Soul / Hip-Hop sphere is your cup of tea, check out Blonde on your favorite pair of cans or IEMs. It's a great headphone record - really well produced with lots of layers and detail and great vocals. 
  2. TonyTripleA Contributor
    Sadly Tidal doesn't seem to have this album in Australia... any other favourites from him
  3. nk126
    Channel orange is probably a even "better" record. Very different style, not as obvious a headphone record to me, but definitely one of my favorites.
  4. hauntx3
    Blonde is available on Spotify now (originally an Apple Music exclusive) so anyone who hasn't listened to it yet due to the Apple exclusivity I would highly recommend it.
    Both of his albums are very different - Channel Orange has a lot of electronic production, whereas Blonde has a lot of guitar.  Both albums sound great, but I would recommend them to anyone regardless of their sound quality.
    Blonde is a bit more artsy and takes a few more listens to appreciate, Channel Orange is the one to start with in my opinion.
  5. killerpollo23
    I'm listening to it now on my Fidelio X2s but the song Ivy (on of my favs) sounds somewhat distorted, wonder if that was on purpose... Will try out a flac version of the album, Spotify's quality is kinda meh

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