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Trader History (70)
  1. AppleheadMay
    Ship to:
    • Anywhere
    I'm looking for this, but alas it's not available for mainland Europe:
    I contacted Scuf, Microsoft and Xbox support for it before I try here.

    Preferably the version from the MS store but if not available (findable) the more expensive version from Scuf themselves.

    I'd PayPal you the money + shipping to me + a fee for your trouble of course.
    Only members with some decent trader feedback here please.

    Many thanks for reading!

    PS: if someone would like this as a reward, he or she can have it for free: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/100...edusb-hub-powered-eu-uk.856859/#post-13758363
  2. proedros
    if i resided in UK i would help you out buying the thing you asked for, without getting this present of yours or asking for a fee for my trouble

    this place has many great people i am sure one will come out and help you with the desired UK purchase

  3. MH01
    Can also help if needed . No fees etc. Just happy to help out . Might get one myself :)
  4. AppleheadMay
    Thank you very much for the offer! I sent you a PM.

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