Found Westone UM Pro 30
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Sep 28, 2015
I found a pair of Weston UM Pro 30's in the seat back pocket on a flight back home yesterday, 09/27/15.  Not being very knowledgeable on IEM's, I didn't know what I had until I got home and did some research on them.
If you can tell me the airline you lost them on, the row/seat you were sitting in and what color they are, I will be more than happy to mail them to you.  
If anyone can recommend another site to post this on, that would be great.
I would be sick to my stomach if I lost a pair of these.
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Not mine but thanks for being a considerate individual!
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Bump. Bless your soul, OP.
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Bump. I tip my hat to your selflessness my friend

Seriously! Good on 'ya DoubleB72 for posting this here. I admittedly had to look up that Westone model too, and agree I'd also be sick if I lost a pair. As far as other sites to post this on, I think there's a relatively popular sub-reddit that deals with headphones or portable audio that you might also try. I don't know much about that though, I've just heard about it in passing.

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