Found a ROTEL RCD-1072 what to do?
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Nov 16, 2009

I'm just getting into the world of headphones and audiophile and i happened to stumble upon an unused Rotel RCD-1072 CD player (well it was in my parents house unused :p)

Now, i did a little bit of research and this is supposed to be quite a decent CD player.

I was wondering what i could do to maximise it with my current setup, and what do i need to purchase to really make it shine.

I currently have at my disposal, Shure SE530 IEM's, and Sens HD497 Phones.

A denon 4306 home theater reciever with a PS3.

What can i do with that setup to maximise my sound? Also, what should i purchase to upgrade.

I'm looking at a new set of phones, but i also want an amp and a Dac, is it worth it with that CD player?

Would that CD player be alot better than just playing cd's from my computer?
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Absolutely use it!... A very good friend of mine has one of these as part of a full 10-series Hi-Fi system and I think it's a very good player (and he's very happy as well, he used to have an 8-series I think and this was his upgrade)... not sure on the power amps but that's beside the point

If you've already got some decent phones get an amp and start listening! Then when you start to hear the limitations of the phones you can upgrade them... I've always found that using something that's not as good to start with will make it even better when you upgrade
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Yes, use the 4306 HP out with the Rotel. I would get some decent RCA cables from Monoprice or Blue Jeans cables (or even Radio Shack) to run from the Rotel to the CD input of the 4306. Spend your money on decent open headphones before anything else. Try Senn HD650 or Grado 325is depending on your tastes (research this here). will give some of the best prices I have found for a fully authorized dealer if you negotiate. These are very good components to start.
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RCD-1072 is indeed a decent CD player. I had one for a while. It needs good vibration isolation and maybe add some weight on top due to it's lightweight construction. Seems like I saw somewhere there is a company modding them for even better SQ. But it's a good player for the price fo sho.

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