Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
  1. Fungus
    Where can I get a 75ohm impedance adaptor 1/4" male that goes into my grado adaptor/extension cable?
  2. redryder
    Guys, I need some recommendations and help. With my portable chinese DAC/AMP, the THX00 struggles a bit on bassy songs. The amp is rated at 305mW for 32ohm, I don't know if that's enough current or not for the X00.

    In any case, I auditioned several desktop amps yesterday and they definitely sound more spacious and controlled than my portable amp. So it's clear to me I need something stronger for the X00. There was distinctly less distortion in the bass.

    I'm torn between just getting the cheaper Magni 3 ($99) or a more portable Grace Design M900 ($499). I really like being portable around the house. I listen in bed, at the dining table when I'm working on my laptop, or at my workshop when I'm working on other projects. The price difference is killer though, and I'm worried if the M900 can power the X00 sufficiently (as well as HD650 and HEX00).

    If I do get the Magni 3, it will likely just sit at my workshop table and I will still need to use my existing portable DAC with it. My source (android phone) does not have a line out. As a compromise to the price, that means that when I'm not at the workshop I still need to use my existing DAC/AMP and avoid the bassy songs. :disappointed_relieved:

    Are there cheaper portable options than the M900 that still have enough power for the X00 and other high current cans?
  3. gLer
    The best dac/amp for the money, especially if you want portability, is the ifi Micro iDSD. I use one to power my LCD-2 and ZMF Atticus, both of which are significantly harder to drive than the Th-X00. I sold my Fostex to get the Atticus, but can tell you the iDSD drives them like magic. You can find the silver version on sale for around $400 or pick it up used for about $250, or go for the BL version. I bought the silver as I didn’t find any major improvements to the sound with the BL. Both are better than the Magni and Grace and far more powerful. Many prefer them to the more expensive Mojo as well. I mainly use my iDSD now as a desktop dac, as it has one of the best dacs of any I’ve heard at any price, but if I ever need to go portable, it simply clips out and off we go.
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  4. DavidA
    Did you audition both the Magni3 and M900? I think there might be some power issues if trying to use your phone to power the M900 but I've never tried it so can't say for sure but I do know that a friend who has the M9XX had USB power issues and has to use the dedicated USB power all the time so it doesn't really function as a portable for him.

    I don't think its a power issue since 305mW is quite a bit, I think its the quality of the amp or even the quality of the DAC in your DAC/amp that is the issue. My TH-600 sounds quite good with my old Fiio X3 which only has 250mW and even better with my UD-301 which only has 100mW so I really think its not a "power" issues but the quality.

    Another solution might be to just get a dedicated DAP like the new X5 gen3 which is still cheaper than the M900 and would be a one unit portable device.
  5. kazaakas
    So I wanted to give the Lawton mod a try. The screws that have to be undone seem to be of a very strange slotting. I've tried over 6 precision philips-type screwdrivers and none of them fit it very well. I eventually managed to get most of them out with the one that fit the best, but it almost seemed as if the previous owner of the headphone had the same problem, since one of the screws had way less of a grip and I noticed it was completely marred after only about 3 slips. Didn't check it too well before, so not sure if it marred because of me. So yeah, moral of the story: take care with this. I have a Lawton mod pack lying around that I most probably won't be able to use anymore because of a stuck marred screw.

    Tips are welcome though, but this is one heck of a teensy tiny screw...
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  6. VRacer-111
    Just need a #0 philips with a 1/8" or less diameter shaft to fit into the 4 locking tab screw locations. Just use enough downward force to keep it from slipping and smoothly, carefully turn the screw to break the torque on it, the screwdriver will be at a slight angle through the hole and into the screwhead. Once you break the initial torque on the screw, position the cup so the screwhead is facing down and gently unthread it and let it fall out onto a towel placed under the headphone.
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  7. gadu
    Those screws are on damn tight. I had issues getting them open as well until I used one of those electronic drills which got it right out. (My office had a tool set which included mini screw driver attachments, got lucky there)
  8. Share2Care
    Hey Headfiers :)

    In need of some help or direction to get closure....Need closure lol!

    I have been on a bit of a mission in trying to find something to reinforce and increase the comfort of the stock headband of my Fostex THX-00 Purples. Last thing I tried was a DT wrap around. It was too tight, not what I am looking for.

    Have any of you on your travels seen or even purchased yourself 1) Something to improve comfort and 2) In any way strengthens the actual headband? I am based in the UK but will import from anywhere in the galactic.... if needed!!

    I would be absolutely delighted if anyone can help out with this for me in locating this unicorn!

    Cheers :)
  9. gLer
    Hi, you'll want something like this: Have't used it myself but have seen it used on a Fostex TH-X00 and it looks brilliant. Zach (@zach915m) makes brilliant stuff. When you've outgrown your Fostex, check out the ZMF Atticus... :wink:
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  10. RojasTKD
    Though it doesn't strengthen the headband, I used a Sennheiser headband cushion to add some additional comfort for extended wear (Did the same with my HE-500). I just used some basic household double sided tape so it easy on and easy off.I find it superior and much more elegant than the DT wrap around headband strap (what my HE-500 came with from the original owner).

    TH-X00 EB band1.jpg TH-X00 EB band2.jpg
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  11. Pahani
    Massdrop is selling Pilot Pads and Ori/Eikon earpads now!! Grab 'em and save yourself some money....

    I have Omni (now Ori) earpads and Pilot Pad on my Purplehearts. Both in lambskin. Love 'em personally.
  12. maxim-msc
    Guys, has someone tried MrSpeakers Ether Flow Angled pads or Brainwavz Sheepskin Round pads on TH-X00?
  13. cskippy
    Here is the MrSpeakers Ether Flow Angled pad on the TH-X00:


    It's not bad sounding but some might find it too aggressive sounding with the 5kHz region pushed up a bit. Bass is also much less than most of the other pads so if you want to make the TH-X00 neutral to bright with more presence than these might be your best bet. I still prefer the Dekoni TH-X00 Sheepskin pads the most from Massdrop.
  14. moedawg140 Contributor
    I agree, the Dekoni Sheepskin pads are a home run, in my opinion, and what I use as my default pads for the Ebony.

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  15. Mark Up
    Welcome back dude. Hope you're feeling well. Your review on these pads was great, but if not mistaken, didn't the Dekoni Sheepskin add just a bit more treble?

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