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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. TWerk
    Or, you can just buy a new one if one ever dies :)
  2. KewlMunky
    Just got a shipping email from Massdrop for my Ebony! Hopefully these ones don't have any quality issues.
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  3. Groot Geluid
    Coming back to the earpads. I bought the new TH-610 pads and they are almost the same dimensions as the ADH-7000 original pads. It makes such a big difference which pads you have on these type of headphones. The TH-900 and the TH-600 more open and round foam circle pads (first generation), have the most open, uncoulered sound, but with a tendency of emphasised highs. Changing to the ADH-7000 pads these highs (and high mids) are tamed, and bass frequencies (into mid bass area) are more emphasised. On each of the types, 900, 600, 7000 and X00 the effect is similar but the details are different.
    The original X00 pads really "cut" the highs and mids too much. Not for me, as my ears also do not go in, and then the earpads rest on the ears.
    I am going to try https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/Ear-pads-replacement-cover-for-DENON-AH-D2000-AH-D5000-AH-D7000-Headphones-Original-earmuffes-headphone/32396208389.html?isOrig=true&isOrigTitle=true which were presented by At-Kahn earlier. If they are made well they should be very close to the original AHD-7000. I have another one that is without the white plastic disc, and the material is very nice indeed, but they are a little too thin. Trying to fill with thin foam to push out the pads works but is difficult to do well (for me[​IMG])
    It is difficult to decide what to choose, as one adjusts quite quickly to some of sound signature changes, but finding something I like of all different pads, in one pad I have not achieved yet.
    Great headphones though with small but noticable driver improvements in each, and TH-900 is the special one.
    But I love my 8 years old (or so) Denon AHD-5000, now with round Fostex earpads, and Lawton damping, very, very much, and it has proven itself as a very reliable, robust (I use it professionally and it has gone to the ground more times than I wanted it to happen) and great sounding headphone.
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  4. The Interceiver
    I am pretty surprised by the lack of hype surrounding the TH-X00 Ebony's. The Ebony's seem to address the mid range colorization that the PH or the MH had and are now going towards a more linear sound. I own the Purpleheart and it's a simply masterfull headphone. My only small gripe with it is that the 1-3khz area sometimes could use a bit more impact even though it sounds fully textured.
    I am seriously interested in knowing just how much better the upper mids on the Ebony's are, please post your impressions asap :3
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  5. fjrabon

    I think the QC issues with the purpleheart and market over saturation absolutely killed the hype of the ebonies. I absolutely adore my EMU ebony cups and prefer them to PH and mahogany THX00 I've heard. It's a tough call for me between rosewood, ebony and teak. Those have very clearly been the best cups I've heard. Teak being the most nuanced and rich, ebony being the most authoritative and rosewood being the most powerful (while retaining balance that PH lacks). That all being said, the differences between cups are very subtle. Pads make a much bigger difference than cups.

    After trying a LOT of different combos on my THX00, I've really settled into their current configuration as perfect for me and what I use them for: emu ebony cups, full Lawton damping, stock pads, cable cut in half and reterminated at 1/8".

    After this and A/Bing against a stock mahogany the biggest thing I notice is a much more controlled midbass that doesn't ring nearly as much. Quantity is still there on the ebony, but it's fast and punchy as opposed to thick and ungainly. The next thing I notice is a much smoother treble, without the peaks, valleys and slight sharpness of the mahogany. Treble extends a bit further. The ebony doesn't have the same 4kHz hole as the mahogany. With the Lawton damping, the THX00 is much drier. This will be somewhat of a personal preference thing but detail retrieval is noticeable improved. It does make the THX00 a bit less forgiving, but it still allows it to reside in the "fun" category without being fully "clinical." Mating is improved as well, as the lack of ringing allows placement of instruments to be much clearer.
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  6. UNOE
    I would really be interested in a massdrop of just different wood cups only. I don't want to spend $400 to try a different wood.
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  7. Strauss95
    You can email Chan at Emu and he will sell you wooden cups that also fit the TH-X00's. I had been in contact with him last week, and he offers all the Emu wood options minus Teak. Prices varied depending on the wood, but they started at $105 for the cheapest and $130 for the most expensive. And he said shipping would be around $30 to the US. Sounds like a fantastic deal to me!
  8. legcramp
    Can someone give me a short summary of the SQ between every iteration these headphones that came in since the TH-X00? Are they all pretty much the same thing except for different wood being used? 
  9. DavidA
  10. legcramp
  11. fjrabon

    Nah, the D7000 is one of his favorite closed headphones of all time. I also don't think he hates the D5000, he just pointed out some of its relative flaws. The D5000 sat on his wall of fame for several years if I recall correctly. A LOT of people don't like the highs on the TH900 that are almost entirely a function of their pads.
  12. Drizz1e
    I'm still trying to decide between Lawton pads and the Eikon pads. The dimensions are almost identical, with the Lawton's having a slightly wider opening, but the same length and depth. Judging by the shape of the opening in the Eikon pads, they might sound a bit closer to stock than the Lawton's, but that's only a guess. Hoping for more impressions on the Eikons if anyone gets the chance to try them out on the X00.
  13. DavidA
    With Tyll if you like a similar sound signature its ok, I agree with some of his choices but also disagree with a few.  I also liked the TH-900 the few times I've heard them but its like the HD-800 for me where the amp used makes me love them or think they are just okay.
  14. wahsmoh
    Thanks for your impressions! Now that the cups are available from EMU directly I may have to give it a whirl. One of the things I like about the TH-X00s in mahogony configuration with lambskin pads is that they have a good frequency response and I can take off my headphones and listen to my Ascend Sierra 2's with no huge differences in what I am hearing.
    The Sierra 2's though have a much more nuanced detail and high frequency reach with the RAAL custom 70-20XR ribbon tweeter (each one costs like $450 direct without manufacturer discount). That should be no surprise though, since I am comparing a $400 headphone with a 50mm driver to a 70x20mm true flat foil ribbon tweeter. The TH-X00s extend lower in bass than my speakers do and that is something that is evident.. the Sierra 2's "only" reach about 45hz which is still very good for a 6.5'' poly woofer. So bookshelf speakers need to be paired with a subwoofer if you intend to feel deep bass frequencies only a sub or 10-12'' woofer can provide.
  15. Vonsid
    Quick question, i have a cordless phone stand next to my headphones stand and amp / DAC i use with them, and it generates some static noise if i don't push the phone stand away. It never happened in the same configuration with other headphones, but for some reason it happens with the TH X00. I know those phones stand constantly generates electromagnetic waves, is there any risk for the driver of the headphones if i let them permanently close ?
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