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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. sikki-six
    Just changed the pads back. D2000 has way better and clearer subs. That bass dept doesn't change too much with the pads.
    TH-X00 PH has too much mid-bass for my taste. They sound more boxy to me vs D2000. Sub-bass is better on the D2000 - treble energy too. Mid-bass is way heavier on the Fostex - I'm not a fan. Here's some photos...
    Denon D2000 undone
    Denon pads left, Fostex right!
    Fostex TH-X00
    Thanks folks!
  2. twiceboss
    Hye guys, i think im okay now. Just modded my TH600. Purely from my brain thinking how to reduce highs haha.  Since you guys said the pad of th x00 give more less highs. I try to find the difference, it obviously the open-ness of the cup (pad), i reduce the size by putting some cloth-paper like that I bought in walmart. Reduced a lot of highs! Then, I increase the mids, since I love the mids of EDM, not the highs.
    Bass boosted with Cayin C5 stacked with mojo. Purely for EDM session. SUCKS for vocal+instrument listening.
  3. SHAMuuu

    Can you post pics of how you tamed the treble
  4. blueaoki
    I am late to the party but finally bought Fostex TH-X00(Mahogany) last week. I tried them on last week at a local head-fi meet in Copenhagen and loved them from the start. The owner didn't really like them, so I could buy them at a reasonable price. I owned Denon D7000 for several years but sold them last year because I was afraid they would break without being able to repair them. TH-X00 reminds med very much of D7000(the fantastic bass), but I think the highs are better. I use TH-X00 together with Chord Mojo and I find this combination great.
  5. Spork67
    Enjoy. :)
  6. twiceboss

    Here you go.

    Place the half circle in the cup. Dont close all of them or it will ruin the sound. Also make sure it is not covering the ear part. It is the other side of our ear placement.

    These are picture to help you better.


    It is tad killing the mids but it's obviously for the highs. So eq ing the mids will cure the mids easily.

    Look at back how eq. Also not to forget, i didnt eq bass, i boosted the bass using amp cuz boosting bass by eq is more likely be boomy!

    Enjoy :wink:
    That was not what I was referring too, I seem to have failed to quotethe guy who posted, and I seem to have lost the post. But, I was interested in doing that myself, have you had any experience with the pilot pad, and if so what did you think?
  8. moedawg140 Contributor
    DOTKADOTKADOTKA - your username affectionately reminds me of my childhood game 30 lives cheat code for NES' Contra: UUDDLRLRBAS. :beerchug:

    On topic: adoring the sound of the TH-X00 Ebony (not referring to the E-MU Ebony right now) paired with the CEntrance DACportable and iPhone's TIDAL.
    Hey, I was just wondering where you got that strap, looks awesome!
  10. Drizz1e
    If you PM @Lohb, he can make you one.
    Glad to hear it :D    [​IMG] 
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  12. AT Khan
    I just found these replacement pads on AliExpress @$18. They also have that inner plastic disc plates besides the holder ring.

    Anyone with the TH900 or something (full wide open pads) or who wants replacement for their broken stock pads... here you go:
    For those who need a bit wider (space for the ear D2000) pads, here's the $30 ones: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Ear-pads-replacement-cover-for-DENON-AH-D2000-AH-D5000-AH-D7000-Headphones-Original-earmuffes-headphone/32396208389.html?spm=2114.30010308.3.19.JqegAl&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_2_10037_10033_10032_10077,searchweb201603_1&btsid=022896b2-72e6-4b4b-ac3f-44adb51acf22
    Good news is these have those disc plates too. I guess these may be better material or something, hence the higher price.
    I think these are the best options for a cheaper, non-leather way out.
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  13. marts30
    I've tried 4 different pads on my TH-X00 (stock, TH900, eBay Denon and Dekoni Sheepskin). Dekoni win easily for me.
  14. paradoxology
    I just put the Dekoni Sheepskin pads on my TH-X00 and I agree with your assessment.
  15. lglions
    I love them over the original. More convenient. Wider soundstage at the expense of slightly loosing bass. 
    IMO certainly better for gaming and movies.
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