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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. eobet
    Crap, crap, crap. I loathed the sound of the original Denon. I'm getting very worried about my Ebonys now!
    http://www.innerfidelity.com/content/survey-foster-443742-variants-measurements (stolen from the bass thread).
  2. Gavin C4
    Measurement does not always shows the actual sound. It only gives you some information about the headphone. Only trust your ears.
  3. AT Khan

    Indeed. Trusting the ears is imperative. BTW I love my ebony's to the bone...
  4. lugnut
    I agree with jeffri, on this issue . Unless it is a statement by the Fostex/Massdrop team it is then just someone's speculation. and should be indicated as so.
    With all the rumors and speculations  this could unfairly effect someone's buy or selling of these headphones.
  5. Gavin C4
    The next batch of the X00 should be back in high QC. Have fate in Massdrop and Fostex
  6. avalanche
    How were you able to bag an early order of the ebony's? are their some already floating around?
    @Gavin C4
    Amen to that brother! 
  7. AT Khan

    Oh that's easy. I got em off EMU directly. Shipped to me in 3 days for around $500. Why even drop em on Massdrop? Why even wait? People should actually just order directly. Have no quality/collaboration issues either. It was an excellent experience. The best I had. They shipped em and I got them the very next day (FedEx).
  8. Change is Good
    Posting to clarify @AT Khan is referring to the E-MU Ebony, not the Massdrop/Fostex Ebony @avalanche is alluding to.
  9. AT Khan
    Oops... I secretly feel like a spammer.
  10. WayTooCrazy
    Where do you get them from E-MU directly? I went looking, stumbled onto these...
    E-mu Teak
  11. ProfFalkin

    Mine arrive today! I ordered the Teak headphones + rosewood cups.

    Send an Email to our friend Chan at enquiry@emu.com. He will let you know pricing and options. You then make a payment to their PayPal account, and they will ship shortly after.

    I paid last Friday, it shipped the on the following Tuesday. 3 days from China to the US. I will take that over a 2 month Massdrop wait!
  12. AT Khan
    Exactly as described here. Exactly. And yes, a quick custom order, I'll take over any day too, rather than wait with the Masses.
  13. Pahani
    Those thinking of going the E-MU route.....one thing to be aware of (last time I knew) the Teak cups aren't available separately. Perhaps that has changed in the last couple months though.
    So personally I'd purchase the Teak model, and additionally the Rosewood and/or Ebony cups as desired.
    I do not own E-MU personally, this is only what I remember from reading a post by @fjrabon some time ago.
    If fjrabon or someone else has more current info, please disregard.
    P.S. Chan sounds like a great guy, if I had the money right now I'd go for E-MU's myself :)
  14. Gavin C4
    I am planning to get the Brainwavz Pleather earpads for the X00. Is the Angled or non-Angled better? Any recommendation 
  15. AT Khan

    For what? I don't recommend them for Fostex/EMU. I have the lambskin angled pads. Unless you can use the plastic plates somehow (that's inside the stock pads of x00/EMU, and I don't know how one can do it), it's gonna deteriorate the sound. I lost bass and stuff, and simply went back to stock protein pads. The plastic holder inside the stock pads really helps redirect sound and retain/add bass.
    I use the HM5 pads on my JVC HA-SZ2000 as well as my Takstars, but not the EMUs. Just my two cents here.
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