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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. KimbaWLion
    I might be silly but having seen other Fostex headphones not made in China and owning an ZMF Omni as well as a few others I would not be so picky. I own 5 year old LCD-2s and while not full wooden domes my rosewood looks better than the PH do with the bubble wrap. I paid in advance like everybody else, I did not mind waiting, but I did expect something 100% out of the box for all my faith and patience.
    If I want Fostex again I will just get the real deal and pay a little more. That is how I feel, does not mean I am right or wrong since its about my feelings on the matter.

    I waited until I heard about the polishing kit and that does not work for me. So I am await return instruction from MassDrop now. They sounded awesome, but to me for the wait and money, they should be perfect out of the box. I am glad those who are keeping are happy. This what makes this a great hobby, diversity and different opinions.
  2. eobet
    This may reflect poorly on both Fostex and Massdrop, but as someone involved in industrial scale production in China, I'm not surprised.
    Apple sends detailed instructions on how often, and by how much, the CNC mills producing their Macbooks need to be lubricated, for example. So that is a bit extreme, but I just wanted to note that that is the level of scrutiny you need to place on a Chinese manufacturer, because any detail you do not cover, they will skimp out on.
    Now, I believe that Massdrop and Head-fi is in a bit of a bubble, so I'd be interested to read articles (if any are produced) on other sites about this in a few months. Traditionally, the Japanese have been very careful about saving face...
  3. Gavin C4
    The X00 brough up the low end to the next level. Superb bass
  4. gugman
    indeed !!! 
  5. justvinh
    oh my god same thing happened to me ahaha, would love to see how it works out for ya
  6. chenjy9
    I got a sing from mine earlier on. I blame the stupid long cable and have velcro'd it since then. My foot basically snagged and pulled the headphones from the stand and it slide off and into the corner of my grace m9xx, so there is a very small dent there now. >.< Someone with a wood mill could make a pretty penny saying cheaper wooden cups (not like the hugely expensive Lawton cups).
  7. MWSVette
    Had the opportunity to buy an extra set of the TH-X00 cups from a fellow Head-fier.  Keeping them safe and secure while I beat the crap out of the set they came with in case the TH-X00 do become a collectors item. They already have multiple chips and scratches.  The lacquer on these is extremely thin...
  8. Gavin C4
    This is one of the reason why I decided to put the X00 back into the carrying pouch every single time after I am using it. It is so easy to scratch it.
  9. FaezFarhan
    I wear Gunnar glasses while using my pc. Would it leak out the bass if I use the TH-X00 on top?
  10. KewlMunky
    Even though I love the way the Purple Hearts sound, I decided to return mine for a refund. It isn't Massdrop's fault, but I don't think it should be my responsibility to fix the finish on a brand new headphone, let alone one I fronted money for months ahead of time. I also have the Ebony on the way, so I'm hoping the issue is resolved with that release.
  11. chenjy9

    Your bass leaks out by design already, so you probably won't notice anything. I wear mine with glasses and they sound fine.
  12. FaezFarhan

    I see, I was worried that I won't get a good 'seal' if I wear glasses, and the frame is a bit wide.
  13. fjrabon

    there's a big difference between bass leaking out through a poor pad seal and bass "leaking out" through the engineered bass ports.  To answer Faez's question, yes, you will notice if you don't get a seal.  Luckily the pads are thick enough that they generally seal pretty well with glasses though.  It doesn't have to be a perfect seal, but it does need to mostly seal.  If you don't get a good seal, some different/softer pads might make for a better seal, as they can conform around your glasses.
  14. AT Khan

    Oh dear... Yeah the trouble is, the wire goes through the speaker baffle... when pulled, it attempts to break it and maybe take the precious 50mm driver with it...
    Well, this is what you need... to do:
  15. fjrabon

    there's basically no chance that pulling on the cable is going to break the baffle. You'd need to put a hundred-ish pounds of pressure on the cable, at which point you'd sheer the cable long before you snatched the knot of the cable enough to actually break the magnesium baffle.  
    there's a knot of cable inside the headphone that prevents pulling on the cable from putting ANY pressure on where the cable connects to the driver.  "Maybe take the precious 50mm driver with it" is silly.  That just won't happen.  Maybe you meant that in jest (I hope so), but people here will take it seriously, so I just want to dispel that concern.
    (I get that you're proud of your mod, it's very nice, but let's not create the false fear that they're going to break the baffle or damage the driver by pulling on the cable, the only potential damage is grabbing the cable and that making the headphones fall off the stand or your head).

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