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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. notfitforpublic
    If anyone in Canada is looking for a first drop Mahogany shoot me a PM
  2. Billheiser
    Mmm, my first drop Mahoganies are so perfect in every way. Not planning to sell them, but now... first offer over $2000 takes them. :sunglasses:
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  3. Pahani
    I could respond in kind with personal attacks, but I won't.
    You DO realize they pushed up the PH shipments to customers by roughly a week, right? Meaning, the first PH shipments went out the door *before* the projected ship date; and that week (perhaps more, I don't recall now) of time had to be made up somewhere......I wonder where?
    I reiterate: not badgering MD about order status would LIKELY have resulted in an order that wasn't rushed to please (some) customers, and a better product overall. And I say "likely" because we'll never know now, will we?
    I ordered my PH's on release day...and within the first 2 minutes of going Live to receive a low Serial #. Pretty much noone waited longer than I did. Noone had money drawn out of their account and on hold longer than I did either. That being said, I realize I'm just a naturally patient person. And yes, I proudly consider that an attribute.
    I also have great respect for old-world craftsmanship, and the time and care it takes. I don't claim every detail on PH's was hand-finished in the old-school vein, but you get the point. So slow down, Speedracer!
    I have simply found that if you slow down, you see and appreciate the little details more; and that results in a happier, more peaceful state of mind overall. At least it does for me. If you live in a semi-rural setting as I do, spend an hour just contemplating your back yard. Wonder at the thousands of species that exist there, without most people ever knowing, and how they inter-relate in a seeming ballet of life.If you don't believe there's a God (in whatever form, I do not claim to hold any one Religion as my own), you're just not looking hard enough.
    If the backyard analogy doesn't work for you, look at the ecosystem in the oceans.....or at least the miniscule part that is currently known to Man. Multiply the backyard ecosystem by several orders of billions.
    I refer to the old axiom "Good things come to those who wait". I'm just perfectly content to wait longer than most :p I probably have many years of Military discipline to thank for that, though I was predisposed to patience even before then.
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  4. AT Khan
    I'd gladly share my mod details here for whoever wants to attempt (and hopefully make through) their Denon 2000/5000/7000/Fostex TH600/TH900/Massdrop x00/EMU removable cable mod...
    This is the exact link for the mmcx: http://www.ebay.com/itm/290843397189?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT
    The mmcx connector (1) fits and rests so perfectly inside the cable hole on the headphones frame. The problem, though, is that if I use the washer (2) and the nut (3) inside, the winding ring at the back of the mmcx hits the driver baffle and also interferes with the wooden cups. As a result, I had to use a less aesthetic way and that's why you can see the washer outside, along with the mmcx. The pole (4) will inevitably have to be bent almost 90 degrees so that it does not interfere with the baffle space.
    I tried multiple mods (2.5mm and other stuff). This is the best you can do. The space in there is so tight for the mod, this is the only possible connector you can use, that's INSIDE the frame. All other mods will have to be done outside. Even Fostex/EMUs own mods (like on the TH610 and the future removable EMU design) are outside the FRAME mods. Well, I guess I did better than them, for now.
    Also, mind you, this mod will make the jacks a bit fragile, so be more careful, and the connectors are hanging right outside and sudden bends may break/bend the mmcx male jacks or even ruin the receptors. I've got another pair coming in as standby, and maybe now I can choose from a universe of mmcx cables.
    Hope this helps.
    This is the link for the cable. Of course, sky is the limit, and you can use your own:https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/Earphone-upgrade-silver-plated-cable-detach-cable-for-Shure-SE215-SE315-SE425-SE535-SE846-for-Logtic/914343_32532897219.html
    Here's the close-ups:
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  5. Change is Good
    The first couple drops were during cooler months of the year. These bubble wrap marks are obviously from the heat during shipping. I bet Fostex DID check their QC before mass shipping from their China warehouse, it's just unfortunate what happened after.
  6. DeadWaves
    Wow, seems like one thing after another with Fostex, MD sounded really ticked off in that mail but that $100 credit from MD seems like fairly decent compensation to me.
    Luckily my first Mahoganies were perfect but my PH has pretty bad pack marks, I will be happy if they send a polishing kit that works though especially as I am international and it would skip the hassle of sending back cups.
  7. wahsmoh
    Yes! I wonder what this will do for the value of early Mahogany headhones. I have serial #274.. and not many QC issues except the stain is a little bit lighter around some of the edges of the cups than it should be like brush strokes but only noticeable when looking very close.
    Also the finish is somewhat fragile and I would hate to drop these headphones because that would not be good if they landed on the cup.. not a very durable finish. I might lightly sand them with 2000 grit and shoot them with another coat of lacquer since I have a Titan Capspray HVLP.
  8. slex
    There's another purpleheart on massdrop by fostex but handcrafted in USA. I would use $100 rebate to get those:grinning:
  9. jcorrea4
    Hi AT Khan...do you have any pics for the mod on the inside of the cans....your mod looks very interesting
  10. tradyblix
    Your Fostex Headphones may show fine micro-abrasions with use. This is normal and adds "character". 

    That's what my parents used to tell me when my OCD about perfection used to trigger as a child :)
    Things get scratched up... the lacquer on these is totally prone to getting scratched, you can probably fix it if you are handy enough.
    Now the glue all over everything in the massdrop photos is kind of a different story :frowning2:
    Headphones are on your head and being viewed from a distance most of the time anyway. The sound is great, and that is what matters most to me. 
    I can only imagine what people worried about these kind of issues would think about John Grado's Glue jobs :) 
  11. Gavin C4
    After few months with my TH-X00, I decided to slightly mod the X00 since there is too much hi hat cymbals that cover up the entire track. The mod is to put a layer of toilet paper or table paper between the pads and the driver. (I stuff the layer of paper inside "between the white ring and the pad itself.")
    It significantly reduced the sound of hi hat cymbals. This allows me to hear the bass and mids more clearly since the hi hat cymbals are reduced. I think this mod brought the X00 up to another level. From V shape fun signature to a more bass and mid focused with less treble. After all its about personal taste and preference it is an easy mod to do and undo.
  12. m8o

    That's not how this works... :p
  13. CCXR594
    This summer I got a ding on the right cup of my first drop X00's.....     :frowning2:
    If they eventually do become a hot ticket item, I'll have to re-lacquer the cups.
  14. slex
    Nevermind all gone, i hope that replace my HE400S planars.:grinning:
  15. gugman
    have a listen to Super Discount 2 by Étienne de Crécy with these beautiful headphones to fully enjoy the bass they can reproduce 
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