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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Spork67
    So ppl. are getting a full refund, +$100 credit on MD - for Fostex's stuff-up?
    I'd be ****ty with Fostex but very happy with MD if that happened to me.
    If I were MD I'd be pretty unhappy with Fostex - but I guess they have done OK out of previous drops with them.
  2. HipHopScribe
    Judging by how that notice was written, I'd say they're extremely pissed with Fostex. They're basically saying Fostex lied to them about the condition of the headphones
  3. lugnut
    I feel Foxtex & Massdrop simply bit more than they could chew. Too many orders, worried about time constraints, ended up rushing a job that should not be rushed.
    In the end nobody wins. JMHO
  4. PopZeus
    Wow, that sucks. Biting off more than they could chew seems like a self-inflicted problem on Fostex's part. Did the TH-X00 become astronomically more popular since the first few mahogany drops or something? I get the bubble wrap issue caught a lot of people off-guard with the insanely humid summer we've been having but the dings and scratches are another story. Hopefully the problems will get sorted out by the time the Ebony drops. 
  5. ProfFalkin
    I sincerely doubt Massdrop will get into bed with Fostex after this fiasco. In fact, i would be amazed if they didn't file suit.
  6. Pahani
    IMO part of the fault for the rushed Purplehearts lies with the customers. Yes, the wait for my Purplehearts was excruciatingly long......but I warned people against badgering MD about the status of their orders and getting a rush job.
    QUALITY takes TIME, people! There are no shortcuts.
    And yep, my pair of Purplehearts have the bubble wrap marks as well, though pretty light. I didn't even file a ticket on mine, I figured I could polish it out myself...though now that they may be sending out a polishing KIT, I should probably put in a ticket.
  7. Spork67
    Does this mean the THX-00 will become a collectors item?  [​IMG]
  8. jeffri
    So the issue is more widespread that they are cancelling orders. Hopefully they can sort this out and the Ebony one will came out perfect... well, doesn't necessarily need to be perfect, as long as it is as good as the early QC, I'm happy. :D

    I guess I'll see how the polishing kit will work on my Purpleheart, the faint bubble wrap seems to be easy, but there is this scratch line inside the finishing that I'm worried about. And the leftover glue, how to clean that one?
  9. Liu Junyuan

    I strongly disagree this makes Massdrop look bad but agree it taints the reputation of Fostex's supply chain in China. You are right that people will blame Massdrop because many people like to accuse prematurely without grasping the concrete facts of the story, but they appear to have done everything they could to make things right here.

    Massdrop wisely learned from the PH complaints and proactively nipped the problem in the bud at the soonest possible moment, without being tactless, cancelled the order, refunded, and gifted $100 for in-store purchases. They did not just have blind faith in the messages Fostex sent ensuring everything was okay but remained skeptical even if that meant jeopardizing the drops, future relations with Fostex, and customers.

    This seems to be a failure in the Chinese division of Fostex's manufacturing chain. The real human and systematic complexities that bear on this situation are not without role contributing to this mess. Massdrop as an organization has done the right thing in this case. The QC and communication failures (in other words careless "lies") on Fostex's end are something Massdrop received and is now addressing rather well in order to preclude the same fiasco of the PH drop from recurring.

    The company which seems to have failed to learn is Fostex:purple_heart:, in particular their division manufacturing the headphones in China.
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  10. geesechops
    I'm just much happier now it's over and I'm not checking the message board every day anymore. I was able to get a pair of Mahogany's off eBay and they will be here next week. I think Fostex really blew this one and I'm not sure why things got so bad in 2016. Especially since the first drop seemed to be flawless. I'm sure it has to do with rushing lead times and various other things that fell through the cracks that Massdrop didn't think to keep a close eye on. But they learned from the Purpleheart drop and tried to at least get good product out there next time, even if it was pissing us all off how long it was taking and we had no clue what was going on half of the time. Ultimately, I don't blame Massdrop nearly as much as Fostex. And I'm pretty happy to get a $100 credit to get something else. So in the end, I'll still continue to shop on Massdrop, but I won't be jumping on any Fostex related drops anytime soon.
  11. Gavin C4
    I am from the second batch of the TH-X00. Does not have any QC problem. Hope Massdrop and fostex can find out what cause the unlucky incidence. 
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  12. WayTooCrazy
    They should be sending out something to everyone who complained about the bubble wrap issue. Even if it was a $20 coupon. Some of us (like myself) decided to either deal with it, or fix it on our own. I've not had to do this with ANY other headphone that I've purchased EVER. Unless of course it was purchased for the purpose of modding anyway.
  13. m8o

    Haha! Especially the 1st drop Mahagonies. :D
  14. andyDiamond
    I had a quality issue with lacquer coating
    I had a mahogany 1st drop x00
  15. MonoOno
    You sound ridiculous and like the perfect consumer for these companies willing to cut corners. People paid months and months in advance for those $450+ headphones. They have every right to complain if Massdrop is not holding up to their side of things after getting paid months in advance. Moreover, I highly doubt if people complained less they would have shown up in better condition from the factory.
    And if quality takes time and you are not up to task, then do not pre-sell in advance and give dates. Make them and sell them once you have them.
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