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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Eudis

    Tried it on my mods using bluetak, theres more to leakage/low isolation than just the side vents. The way the pads mount attribute to it as well.
  2. nVitius
    Looking to pick up a pair of these sometime soon off the used market. Can't wait to hear them. ^^
  3. TigreNegrito

    Yes, Eudis, I was thinking about that as I installed the Lawton tune-up... I forget exactly what I had in mind when I saw it, but basically getting some kind of seal between the drivers and the frame to which the pads clip in.  That's not an issue on the Thunderpants because the fabric/leather of the pads themselves wrap around the burlwood cups so there's no gap at all, plus the wall of those cups may be thicker, both of which contribute to the better isolation they offer.
    All that said, one of the nice things about the PH's is the wide soundstage (for a 'closed' headphone) and I think I may lose that if I tighten things up too much, so I'm trying not to do anything irreversible (except the cable mod).
  4. ProfFalkin
    I look forward to it.  
    Right now I'm listening to my new ZMF Vibro Mk2's, and at this point I don't care when my Fostex get shipped.   =)   Zach did a wonderful job on these.
  5. CraftyClown
    Afternoon all. Just received my Purple Hearts and I was wondering how much burn in is recommended before they sound their best?
  6. Eudis

    None, just let your ears get adjusted to the sound instead.
  7. CraftyClown
    Are you saying they don't change with burn in? Or to just listen as it burns in? (which I obviously will be doing anyway)
  8. jamor
    Everyone has different opinions on this.  He will tell you that they don't change with burn in and someone else will tell you that they do change with burn in. 
    Just listen to it as it burns in and then leave it on overnight low volume kill two birds one stone. 
    WayTooCrazy likes this.
  9. FaezFarhan
    For me personally I think it does change, especially the highs & the sub-bass..
  10. PopZeus
    I'm a believer in burn-in. My guitar amp speaker had a burn-in time recommended by the manufacturer and the sound changed dramatically over the course of burning it in. To a lesser extent, I'm sure some headphones also need to burn-in to arrive at their true sound signature. Besides, my damn treble-sensitivity would notice if the peaks didn't mellow out. 
  11. sikki-six
    Who's to say the sound didn't get worse when using the gear more?
    I find it funny, that all the changes through burn-in are always just "what the doctor ordered", exactly in the direction one hopes.
    Like a K701 "now has slammin' bass!".
  12. chenjy9

    Anyone who says that is a dirty, dirty liar. :p
  13. wahsmoh
    I think the TH-X00 does need burn in. Maybe it comes down to individual drivers in headphones that determines if the sound changes with burn-in. I do find that subbass increases and the highs aren't as sharp after burning in a few hundred hours of pink noise.
  14. geesechops
    After a month or so wait (for the Mahogany/Purpleheart folks, a couple of months of waiting) Massdrop cancelled both Mahogany orders. I rushed to ebay and bought a used pair as soon as I got this email. Looks like something is seriously wrong at Fostex. If I were waiting around until November for my Ebony's, I would start to get worried right about now.
  15. HipHopScribe
    Wow, this is not a good look for Massdrop or Fostex
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