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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. fjrabon
    My guess here is that some people like the wet sound of "underdamped" amp/THX00 combos. An underdamped headphone can be perceived as being richer and more forgiving. It can "smooth over" the roughness of poorly recorded/mastered/encoded music. Glad people are enjoying the THX00 in new ways. One good thing about the THX00 is it has a flat impedance curve, so an output impedance above the 1/8 rule won't change the frequency response (which would likely give it truly obnoxious midbass if it did), so you only have to deal with damping effects with higher output impedance amps.
  2. TsKen

    You are right! I just tried replacing the pads with some random pads i found and it ruined the sound.

    The Fostex Th-0X00 is definitely picky about the type of earpads that are compatible with it.

    Hope the Alpha pads wont ruin the sound. From what everyone is saying though the Alpha pads seems like a good pair for the X00.
  3. WayTooCrazy
    Anyone else clearing up the bubble wrap marks on their own? I've tried with Turtle Wax automotive polish and that was NG. So, I think I might need something abrasive. Maybe a 1000 grit wet sand (just a few quick passes) and then the Turtle Wax?
  4. WayTooCrazy

    Go back a few pages and you will be inundated with them.
  5. fjrabon

    I wouldn't worry about it with the ebony, as 1) it was never a problem with the mahogany and 2) I am guessing Fostex and Massdrop more than learned their lesson.
  6. WayTooCrazy
    I've heard things in headphones that made me look around to see if they were actually coming from within the house. These headphones had me looking around too, but not because I thought I heard something, but felt something around me. Nice deep bass, made me think someone was walking around me.
  7. SundayDriver

    I am having the same problem. I tried with several coats of some wax wood cleaner but it didn't work. It may have improved the shine of the cups, but the bubble wrap marks are still clearly there. They seem to be embedded in the lacquer finish.
    Believe it or not I’m contemplating using a bit of lighter fluid. [​IMG] It works well on the finished part of guitars. You don’t leave it on for a long time- just put a little bit on a cloth, apply it, and wipe it off. I am not a wood cleaning expert though, nor have I attempted this yet.
    Honestly, the whole thing is ridiculous. If these didn’t sound as good as they do I would send them straight back. Fostex clearly doesn’t put much emphasis on quality control.
  8. ProfFalkin
    I haven't received mine yet, but this whole bubble wrap thread has me quite worried.   
  9. WayTooCrazy
    Well, I just emailed Massdrop back. They were going to send me a new pair without any markings, but since I intend to open them up and possibly do a Lawton mod, definitely change the wiring, etc. I told them to keep those for someone else. I didn't think it was fair to take a perfect headphone from them if I was going to modify anyway.
  10. Zbell
  11. FaezFarhan
    Which pads sound closest to the original but with more comfort?
  12. Eudis

    From my tests and measurements, potentially none except maybe the denon pads.
  13. slacker032
    Were you one of those who tried the ZMF Omni pads?  Thought at least a couple of people in this thread tried them out and said they were more comfortable without changing the sound.
  14. Drizz1e

    I think they're a bit different from the TH-600/900 rings. I bought some from that site and they're definitely not the same. They don't fit as well as the rings on the X00's stock pads, either.
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