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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. Surgut2006

    how do you install them? They're much smaller!
    massdrop ring at 105 mm, and at HM5 105 * 86
  2. Pahani
    You are just evil for posting those beautiful pics :p
    /me hugs myself and slowly rocks back and forward while waiting for my Purplehearts......
  3. Gavin C4
    Actually I am quite interested in the TH610 wood cups. Away from glossy finish. 
  4. obsidyen
    Me too... After seeing Bestula's comments on harshness, TH610 seems more intriguing. To be honest, it's likely TH610 will have some harshness in highs as well (what Fostex HP doesn't?) but maybe it'll be more refined.
  5. UNOE
    Does anyone know who can do a custom cord for this in so cal?

    How easy do you think it is to just cut the end off and terminate it at about 4.5 feet with 3.5mm ?
  6. fjrabon

    it's pretty easy.  that's what I had done with mine, and I made the extra cable into an extension cable.  Whole service cost about 30 dollars.
  7. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Yes my bad, thanks for catching that. Brain fart as they say.
  8. DavidA
    I think some of the perceived harshness can also be attributed to the DAC and amp used.  I found the TH-900 a little harsh with WA7d (stock tubes) but nice and smooth with MHDT Pagoda DAC and Liquid Glass amp, I know its not a fair comparison but to me the TH-900 is less forgiving of lesser gear, sorta like the HD-800 and T1.  I don't have any problems with harshness with my TH-600 with UD-301 DAC and Ember amp but when I auditioned the TH-900 on this same setup it had some of the harshness of the WA7d, just not as bad so I didn't get the TH-900 at that time.  Will have to upgrade my audio chain to do justice to the TH-900 if I ever decide to get them.
  9. DavidA
    Not a very difficult job, you might be able to an electronic repair shop to have the work done or if you want to DIY its a great starter project.
    You need to bend the ring then be rough stretching the pad. 
    It's not easy but it works.
    If you have the same hybrid pads I wouldn't bother, it ruins the sound.
  11. DeadEars
    I agree completely that the HM5 pads don't work, at least for me.  Took 2 people to get them on the white plastic mounting ring, one to hold progress and the other to keep sliding the lip of the fabric over the mounting ring.  After that listening...  Boy are they comfy!  The pressure point that's been bothering me was gone completely, but so was the sound quality.  Lost the compelling bass, the midrange became more recessed and highs were truncated.  That was a waste of $20+ bucks!
    Just for giggles, I tried the lambskin pads from my LCD-2's.  Bass was a lot better than the HM5's but the treble became shout-y and pianos got tinny.
    Back to the stock pads and Ahhhh!  the great sound is back.  I'd like to try the Alpha pads, but it's not worth the risk of $60 for me, so it's stock all the way.  Hope this helps someone else save their money.
  12. Gavin C4
    Try brainwave memory foam pads, they are relatively affordable and comfort
  13. wahsmoh

    I've been using the Alpha pads and haven't switched back. I think they boost the bass a little bit more than some people are comfortable with, to me the bass tightens up just as much though. Also the highs do increase a little bit more but I wouldn't say to the point that they are sibilant or unlistenable. It was worth the added comfort though for me even if it alters the frequency balance a little bit. I don't think they make as much of a difference as one would think though.
    There were some complaints about having ample ear space and I have normal sized ears.. not big or small. But even with the stock pads my ears still never felt like they fit. With the Alpha pads the pads actually encircle my ears instead of my ears resting on the pads in an uncomfortable way. I still wouldn't count them out even at $60. You can always polish them up with some Audeze leather care cleaner or Leather CPR (same stuff) and they seem more durable than the e-protein pads from Fostex.
    Also the Ether C pads are now on sale if anyone is willing to experiment with them. I haven't gotten around to purchasing them but I might do it for the community to know if they work or not.
  14. wuhanclan
    I just got the Alpha pads yesterday on my TH-X00 and it does accentuate the V-shape. Just like everyone else who swapped to these, comfort is a MASSIVE improvement, and I don't have large ears. The problem I had with the stock pads was that the headphones simply sat too far back on my ears in order to fit into the pads (the holes are so far forward). The weight of the headphone just didn't feel balanced on my head because it was sitting that far back. I also like the encompassing feeling of a true over-ear cup and the stock pads felt more on-ears.
  15. FlyingFungus
    So are the stock pads the same or very similar to the Denon D2000?
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