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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. wahsmoh

    I'd say it is better in some ways such as width and air circulating around the highs. The highs on the TH-X00 are more separated than the Dogs and I think it is due to the cup shape and the semi-open design which allows sound to leak. I'd say soundstage depth is a tossup and I lean more towards the Dogs for that, we are talking about planar versus dynamics. Also the midrange on the Dogs tends to sound better with guitars and other instruments, there is more naturalness to the sound and I feel that the lower mids on the TH-X00 are a little more recessed. Vocals also sound better on the Alpha Dogs than the TH-X00 with less emphasis on the "ssssss" when listening to female vocals. I noticed that, vocals tend to get a little exaggerated when there are a lot of "s" sounds.
    Overall if I had to choose one I'd still pick the Alpha Dogs. But these are not headphones that I am going to sell, they are a fantastic compliment and I'd recommend people own both. The Dogs for a more neutral and reference sound. The TH-X00 because of the slight bass boost and they have better soundstage air cause they are semi-open versus sealed. If budget is an issue get the TH-X00 but now that the Alpha Dogs are at end of life sale, you might not be able to purchase them new after the holidays because Dan is going to cease production.
    Also another thing that it comes down to, would you prefer isolating design or less isolating? The TH-X00 leak a little bit so the person next to you can hear some of your music (not as bad as TH900/600 from memory) but the Alpha Dogs you can crank up in volume and the person next to you won't hear a thing unless they put their ear next to the cup.
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  2. YtseJamer
    I'm wondering if the new Vali 2 will be a good match with the THX00.
  3. Barndoor
    Did you miss my post earlier a couple of pages back. The ball stays in DHL's court until customs duty is paid at which point it gets released to Yodel. Call ccl and give them your dhl tracking number you can then pay and get them released to Yodel.
  4. Yobster69
    Ah, ok, got it. Sorry for having a dumb moment, but what do you mean by ccl? Customs clearance London???? Genuinely, thank you
  5. Soundsgoodtome
    Looks like the Schiit Vali 2 would be a good candidate for the THX00. Just release, changeable tube, 1.5 ohm low gain output impedance, $169
  6. YtseJamer
    Yep, I just pulled the trigger. [​IMG]
  7. wahsmoh
    I just confirmed it, you can use a Sandisk Clip/Sport to play these, no amp required. There is no clipping or distortion in the bass, just a hiss or background noise if I push it to ear-shattering levels (which you shouldn't do if you want to preserve your hearing) The Alpha Dogs require almost twice as much gain on my amp to power them to listening level. So these are extremely efficient drivers.
    The difference between the Asgard 2/Theta stack and the Clip Sport is very minor with these cans. You can ignore all the hyperbole on Head-fi cause with these cans they aren't very picky about source or amp. The bass is like 90% of what I'm getting on my Asgard 2/Theta and the only difference is in the subtle high frequency details which seem a little more mushed together though the Clip Sport.
    I think people with AK120s/QP1R/Mojo can rejoice cause these really don't require an amp at all.
  8. Barndoor
    Customs Clearance Ltd. Cclpay.com. you'll need your notification from them to pay online, but can pay by phone with tracking number. Not sure what their open hours are though, so may b shut until monday now.
  9. wahsmoh
    Honestly that little red and black thing sitting on the Theta is good enough for these. I hardly notice a difference unless I'm doing critical listening and paying close attention to details and instrument location. For portable I'm sure all you need is a decent cell phone or DAP for these, not even an amp.
  10. oleWhiskey
    Has anyone successfully updated these with with a new detachable cable? or different ear pads?
  11. Whitigir

    Not this, but th900 with detachable, yes sir. Why not ? Balanced is superior to standard. Also ears pads were reported back a couple pages ago...search*

  12. Kozic
    A lot of earpads have been used Alpha, brainwavz , and ZMF all work. Cables I can not say.
    Edit;I should have http://www.mp4nation.net/brainwavz-angled-memory-foam-earpad-black-suitable-for-large-over-the-ear-headphones tomorrow to try out.
  13. enianen
    If you search the thread back a few pages, a number of people have tried these with Alpha pads, and at least one has tried the HM5s. I've tried the Alcantra pads (very comfortable, didn't like the changes to the sound).
    The more I use them the more the stock pads are working for me. Getting the rotation just right is essential, though.
    I think there's at least one successful detachable cable mod a few pages back.
  14. oleWhiskey
    ah,  I see now. yeah I wasn't searching right lol,  sorry guys
    thanks for the help though!
  15. Badfish5446
    My stock pads are getting quite comfortable, they were a little stiff out of the box.... agree on the rotation/position being quite important.
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