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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. GeorgeNapalm
    I received my TH-X00 on Monday and been listening to them since then. The bass seemed flabby from the start, but now has tightened up. 
    Overall sound signature suits me very well. They are slightly U-shaped, enough not to be shouty with some music. There's a noticeable bump in mid-bass, but I like it, it give body to string istruments (I listen mostly to classical music). That's what I disliked about TH-900 when I had them: they were to ethereal, not enough body in the mids. It might be ok for pop music, but not optimal for classical.
    I think they are better headphones than Beyerdynamic 1770 (the only headphones I compared them side-by-side) in all areas except isolation. From the memory I like them better that LCD-XC, EL-8C (these were horrible), TH-900 and -600. Beyer 1770's are my second favourites, the biggest drawback is comfort: too much clamping force. 
  2. YtseJamer
    It's crazy.
    The good news is that the customs fees should be lower since Canada Post will take care of the delivery.
  3. captainbrew
    I've always received my MD stuff within 2 weeks or less here in Ottawa.
  4. bavinck
    Well ya, their shipping centre is right next to you (kinda).
  5. captainbrew
    Yeah, pretty close by. 
    Just stating my previous experience with their shipping for those in my general area that are curious.
  6. DaemonSire
    When I ordered my K7XX from Massdrop and they used their forwarding service, I got hit with $49.27 CAD in additional fees because they used DHL.
    $39.27 in taxes and $10 additional handling fee charged by DHL.  Massdrop was nice enough to refund the $10 CAD handling fee (Massdrop customer service is fantastic!).
    And that was with Canada Post picking it up on the Canadian side... so don't count on getting away with lower fees.
    I really like Massdrop and will be using them again, but I think I will be passing on any further drops that use the forwarding service.  $25USD extra shipping, then the extra custom fees on top makes it too expensive for me.
  7. Khragon

    That sucks, as much as this is UPS fault primarily, MD can really ease the pain by taking the hit, sending out the replacement, and dealing with UPS instead of the customer since they have more presence with UPS as a repeat customer.
  8. bavinck
    I got in on the first 1000 k7xx in the first drop and so no forwarding service just regular mail. I paid about the same in customs fees so it is no better. So much for the free trade agreement, Canada customs makes it very difficult to buy outside of Canada.
    Also, when I bought my Gustard X12 the shipper (on his own, I did not request it) gifted it and indicated a price of $60 USD. They customs people opened it, and charged me $30 in taxes. So did they look it up on ebay??
  9. esuhgb
    My tracking info is the same. You should expect a letter soon informing you of how much you have to pay and how to pay. Then once thats all gone through Yodel will probably delivery them the next day. So be patient. Or you could always call DHL or Yodel and check if they know how much you need to pay, then pay over the phone to get them quicker. 
  10. bavinck

    Sorry dude, I should have not commented.
  11. meringo

    Yeah, MD doesn't have their **** together as a company. In addition to never getting responses to my customer service emails, I got to see the madness first hand.  A position opened up and I managed to get an interview. They apparently liked me, as they scheduled a 2nd interview - but forgot to notify me, the candidate. Called me at 8pm while I was at a rock show. I wrote a follow up email to the person coordinating, and got a bizarre response back.
    I hope things improve! I genuinely like the service they offer.
  12. Barndoor
    For UK:
    You need to give ccl (0208 231 0900) a call and ask to pay the duty (£65.43). Give them your dhl tracking number. They will then make as paid, release and notify Yodel to collect. Alternatively you'll get instructions in the post from ccl in a day or two.
    Yodel only get involved after release from customs, it is all dhl up to that point. You'll see your dhl tracking update saying duty paid.
  13. YtseJamer
    Oh boy, so we will probably have to pay around $100 of customs fees.  [​IMG]
    Jeez I have already paid $565 CAD for the headphones.
    They better be great for $665 CAD
  14. bavinck
    I doubt that. My guess is about $40.
  15. DaemonSire
    I'd estimate closer to $80-90 personally.  They take the value declared on the item (400USD in this case) and convert to Canadian.  Currently, that is close to $550.  Add your 13-15% tax on it (it's 15% where I live), the $10 handling fee and you are looking $80-90.
    The weak Canadian dollar + customs and shipping makes it very hard to order anything in the US nowadays.
    I have a big problem with charging sales tax on an item that wasn't sold in the country, but that is another tangent [​IMG]
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