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Fostex x Massdrop TH-X00 Review

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by jude, Nov 24, 2015.
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  1. tomatoshoe
    That's how I felt when I had my TH600's.
  2. xanlamin
    Man, you are making me regret about missing out on the drop!
  3. Jpbas1
    Serial # 850... Checking in. They're beautiful. I fell asleep with them on for 2-hours.:):). That's a complement. Prepared to be immersed in sound.

    MacBook Pro ---> audirivana ---> resonessence herus+ --->. Thx-00.

  4. Capt369

    J/C...Has anyone ever done a Lawton tune-up on their foster cans?
  5. BazookaT
    Yeah, i second his question^^. Let me know if it was worth it!
  6. phonomat
    Great comparison, @Sonido! I think you should post it in the TH-900 thread as well (or at least link to it).
  7. TWerk

    I agree with his observations, having owned the TH-900's back in the day.
    Someone in the TH-900 thread suggested that the THx00's may be more close to the D7000 than the TH-900.
    It would be interesting to compare THx00 next to both the TH900 and D7000 - I'm also thinking that these are closer in sound to the D7000 if the comparison was done.
    The treble airiness/extension, soundstage and imaging, clarity and detail of the TH-900, the technical performance puts it in another category. I don't think THx00 is quite as technically capable, and in that way, it reminds me more of the D7000. It's more focused on fun and enjoyment than absolute transparency and detail throughout all the frequencies.
  8. fjrabon
    Yeah, I agree that it's the closest thing we have to a D7000 reincarnation. The D7000 was my go to can for a few years, and the THX00 definitely is closer to the D7000 than the TH900.
    If I had to sum up my feelings in my listening session with @sonido (who is a super cool guy I look forward to future listening sessions with) it would be this:

    I enjoyed the THX00 more while I appreciated the TH900 more.
  9. deafanddumb
    To be fair, Matt does flip a lot of new headphones within days, e.g. Alpha dog.
  10. Yobster69
    Hi, I'm just catching up on posts on here and have seen yours and immediately have to ask (without evening looking any further foward) have you seen any change at all, as I have exactly the same message anout Heathrow customs, and Yodel (sigh!!) have no update yet, but say it's still on target for delivery today. I'm the other side of London to you.
    And how on earth are Heathrow customs meant to contact us? Or do they mean Yodel? Or Massdrop for that matter???
  11. captainbrew
    Any Canadians get their TH-X00s yet?
    Still waiting for mine. (I'm in Ottawa)
  12. inseconds99
    My girlfriend ordered them for me for one of my Christmas gifts, will report back when I get them.
  13. YtseJamer
    I'm still waiting for my pair.  (Montreal.)
    Have you tried the Canada Post tracking number ?  I don't think that we will have an update until the package will be in Canada...
  14. bavinck

    Same in Calgary. Massdrop usually takes 3-4 weeks to get here fyi.
  15. yukihasi
    MD has been ignoring me for a whole week now about the lost package, UPS made horrible mistakes and MD just made it worse, if they don't reply today I will call the bank to revoke the payment. 
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